And set aside antibodies ( $REGN): if $MRNA / $BNTX / @curevac discover mRNA vaccine, it’s just a question of scaling up

Sequences can be shared freely over the internet, along w any other manufacturing instructions/standards

#SynBio #COVID19
This article by @SangerNYT, @ddknyt, @suilee & @kbennhold is written like a Cold War spy thriller for clicks

Right at the beginning, it says that countries are trying to "gain the upper hand", paying little attention to what the motivation for doing so would be

#SynBio #COVID19
Authors later question "how or when" a #COVID19 vaccine/prophylactic could be shared, but don't actually interview anyone qualified to answer

They cite @AmeshAA of @JHSPH_CHS, but he is an ID doctor. ID plays a really important role in this crisis, but not the right source here
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