Secrets Of History Decoded

1. Trump The Patriotic Spy Thread who was Trump before he became President? Who was he to the Cabbal? Applying symbolism decoding to old comms found in basic history digging reveals fascinating answers.
Vatican Gold Thread:
What happened two years ago that hit the pyramid right in the wallet?
D.C. Owl Thread
Decoding the history of the D.C. Owl

Who put it there? What message did putting it there send?

Relevant to the Vatican Gold Thread. This comms dig is about their rise in the early 1900's - that one is about their fall in 2018.
CoronaVirus Cleaning OP
A theory about the current operation of cleaning out the Pyramid using a distraction event Goes into a lot of comms and history.
MKUltra Thread:
What MKUltra was versus what it has become.
Mass emergency alert in Canada in the "Durham" region - a rabbit hole into cabbal comms history.
Tunguska Event decode - Old symbolism being dug into reveals the true history of so much.
Hillary's Journey in 2019:
A thread full of news comms involving Evergreen. Great examples of symbolism comms in the news. The utility of it should become clear - so much can't be said without breaking the law, yet they still have a way to say it.
Mcafee's History
A thread decoding his life - not focused on news comms (tho it has plenty) more trying to figure out what exactly his affiliation was. I found the answer quickly, but then I kept digging. I think the results are interesting.
Michelle Obama Disinfo thread
History digging, logic, and decoding to explain why this narrative exists. It may be fun to joke about people we aren't fans of, but clowns use our own momentum to push us into tinfoil hat territory.
History digging mixed with decoding to explain where comms are used in history to pull the wool over the masses eyes.. Specifically starting with Nuclear secrets and then.... well, take a look.
Digging and attempting to solve some Q posts about satellites going down. Interesting in part due to the names. A name that means a lot more now than when Q posted it.
Seth Rich Timeline - Decoded history. A lot of interesting revelations in this one.
Obama Birth Certificate Timeline: The reason for the push to find the true document has little to do with where he was born in my view.

There's a bigger rabbit hole.

What if he was given that middle name "Hussein" in the early 2000's?
A decode of a song, I was surprised by some of the revelations in the comms. e.g. how the operation was coordinated using a radio broadcast. It's similar to how MSM comms are coordinated to this day, so it's worth going through.
A decode/history dig into what happened to the Titanic and why. The Federal Reserve + insurance scam motive the Podesta VS Astor bloodline connection. The method used i.e. fire stoking/iceberg scouting and more are covered.
A decode/history dig of the Maxwell/Epstein operation.

Specifically TerraMar and how it connects a lot more important people than just who were on those plane logs. Remember, b4 TerraMar Epstein was arrested for sick things. More caution was needed.
A decode of blackmailing and blackmailers.
Connected to TerraMar thread - but this one digs deeper into older comms.

It focuses on Prince Andrew as an example & comms that demonstrate the logistical side of how blackmail was used.
Science vs "Science" History vs "History" thread Symbolism comms when applied to history reveal remarkable things.

The truth is embedded in recorded history, and the methodology to get to that truth + extensive examples are covered in this thread.
Secret History Of The Liquid Damaged Biden Laptops. Sometimes tracing the comms reveals an entire subplot to a movie. It makes the whole thing make a million times more sense.
I have so many fruitful Nuke decodes I decided to combine and improve them into one big thread. Now I can just link this one to explain Nukes rather than 3 different threads.
Thread that decodes the Loch Ness Monster. So many obvious fictions are inexplicably given media time year after year for decades.

Why would anyone care? Why does the media in particular care?

There is a logical reason.
Thread that digs into 5 Eyes Comms history, and makes some surprising revelations. Like connections to MS-13 orders, quite a bit more I may add to this one in the near future. It's clear I've got a long way left to dig in this rabbit hole.
Initially a thread going over Rothschild party comms - but eventually focuses in on decoding the specifics of "Y" symbolism.
Thread going over "Climbing Mount Everest" comms Short answer is it's a comm for taking over the top of the world. I.e. Britain when it was the top, and U.S. afterwards.
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