1) Impeachment is a staged choreographed show by both parties, same as collusion probe, to distract from the SPYGATE COUP cover-up. Both intended to delay lawful aid/protection for us (I'm the whistleblower). Related aggravated felonies upon us are ongoing, wife is missing.
2) Spygate coup began pre 2014 in Las Vegas. We were victims of multiple crimes, felonies, death threats, and also being spied upon. Perpetrators had ties and were operating at the direction of U.S. Gov't (DHS, FBI, DOJ, etc.). In our court cases the DOJ & FBI protected the perps
3) Although spygate perpetrators were claiming ties to U.S. Gov't agencies, we still sought lawful aid/protection from our local police in 2014. We filed multiple in-person victim reports at the Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. When stonewalled, we filed an internal affairs report
4) Not only were spygate coup reports filed with FBI Headquarters (thread #1), we also sought lawful aid from the local FBI office. We began a series of in-person victim interviews at the FBI Las Vegas field Office in 2014. The attached FBI FOIA documents are from our court cases
5) As spygate coup victims, we contacted relevant committees in Washington DC. We contacted House Oversight Committee in 2014 and forwarded info/docs. We continued contacting them over the years and I even visited their office on Capitol Hill in 2018 several times to no avail.
6) In 2014, we contacted a U.S. Senator from NV. We both visited his senate office in Nevada. As victims, we were now aware that a "blackbag op" was leveled upon us. Crimes upon us included extortion, toxins/poisons, entrapment, surveillance/monitoring, duress, death threats etc.
7) Spygate coup involves 45 (prior to the 2016 election and now). 45 (whom is a FBI informant) did spygate with 44, D. Taylor, FBI, CIA, DOJ, gov't of Mexico, et al. & put their labor union arm in hotels as payback. The 19k text messages both sides are hiding reveal the truth
8) By the end of 2014 it was evident that we would receive no lawful aid, due to involvement of U.S. gov't agencies. With few options, I wrote a series of ebooks to chronicle our spygate ordeal and as a possible way to get word out and gain lawful aid. http://amzn.to/2ENz97R 
9) With the first ebook in publication and full of whistleblower docs (we didn't even know our ordeal was called spygate at this point in time), we began to contact nationally known figures in March of 2015. The Feds had us in a bubble, our only hope was to try to get word out.
10) We continued to fight back against the perpetrators of the spygate coup and ongoing related crimes upon us. We continued to contact nationally known figures and media organizations in March of 2015. We would soon realize that the Feds had us in a media bubble/blackout.
11) Spygate involved rigging of our court cases in DC (district & appellate). FBI informers did entrapment ploys (to try to induce me to make threats on court/judges etc.) regarding the cases while "room acoustic" recording was occurring (reversing of smartphone speakers/camera)
12) In 2015 the spygate coup intensified. Felonies upon us continued and we got no lawful aid/protection from local police, or FBI. My wife was threatened by Feds (FBI, DOJ, CIA, et al.) that she would be charged as an accessory to whatever fabricated charges were made upon me.
13) Spygate crimes are demonic. By mid 2015, perps forced spousal separation via threats, assaults etc, upon my wife. We were forced to live apart, only allowed brief meets as dictated by Feds. Such referenced in updates to Feds in 2019 & handwritten note between us during a meet
14) As referenced in #6 of this thread, low dose toxins/poisons were major in spygate crimes. Feds/perps would slip such into food/beverages I was consuming. FBI informant said that the goal of low dose poison/toxins was to induce cancer so death would appear as natural causes.
15) The spygate poison/toxin regiment by perps was severe & unable to get untampered treatment stateside. During my travels in 2015, perps in our case including 44 & 45 (while candidate) had U.S. intel follow me into the holy land to interfere with any treatment sought as well.
16) After returning from the Holy Land in 2015, I registered as a candidate for president in the 2016 election. The spygate crimes continued unabated. And the "coup" part of spygate played out as 45 (while a candidate and whom is a FBI informant) received surveillance intel of me
17) 45 continued to get surveillance intel of me up to and after the 2016 election. The crimes upon us continued after the election, including forced spousal separation due to duress, threats etc. There was still no lawful aid for us from law enforcement/FBI etc. by late 2017.
18) With the spygate coup crimes ongoing, and no lawful aid in NV, we decided to try to flee in late 2017 and seek aid in DC. The Feds/perps in our case applied even more pressure, threats, duress upon my wife to keep her from fleeing. Ultimately, I would go alone to DC for help.
19) December of 2017 I arrived in Alexandria VA, a short distance from DC. The struggle to find lawful aid for us would begin anew. During the entirety of the spyage coup there was always the innuendo of the "good FBI agents" getting ready to get lawful aid to us, but it didn't.
20) By February of 2018, I was interviewed by FBI Special Agents assigned to the Special Counsel as part of the "collusion investigation". The meeting was in the Washington DC FBI field office on 2/23/18. Meanwhile, my wife was still in Nevada under continued threat, duress etc.
21) At meeting with Special Counsel FBI SA's in DC, they indicated that they were aware that 45 (while candidate and now) received surveillance/monitoring intel of myself, that foreign govt's are involved in the crimes, and that I was a registered candidate for president in 2016
22) Other involved govt's in the spygate coup are Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Great Britain. Those indicted in the "collusion probe" are really perps of the spygate. Even after being interviewed by SC FBI SA's, I was seemingly still being censored and blocked from media appearances
23) Spygate coup whistleblower request to 45 on 11/16/19. He claims he wants to confront whistleblowers, but no response received from 45 yet. If anybody can help arrange the attached request please let me know. Thanks in advance
24) Spygate whistleblower contact with Senate Judiciary Committee on 02/13/18. And, while making the rounds on Capitol Hill in early 2018, I visited the Senate Judiciary offices multiple times (leaving contact info etc.). I also visited the Senate offices of Graham and Grassley
25) Ukraine is false flag, and not because there wasn't corruption, because of 2 other reasons. 1) 45 did spygate coup with many he rails against. 2) And, part of deal with the spygate coup cabal was for NO prosecutions in addition to their labor union arm going into his hotels
26) I was a registered candidate for president in the 2016 election. The real coup was upon me before the election, it was the spygate coup. The spygate coup began pre 2014 in Las Vegas, NV.
27) I prepared an election speech. I put the speech into my 4th ebook about the spygate coup, "The Lighthouse in the Harbor" (Copyright 2018 Mastere Consulting LLC). One purpose of the coup was to neutralize me in the 2016 election. The last paragraph riles 45 and globalists
28) Spygate coup crimes/felonies upon us are ongoing, wife missing. We have received no lawful aid/protection from FBI/law enforcement, even as of present (02/13/20). Entrapment, extortion, blackmail, and gangstalking ops by the Feds/perps in our case continue daily upon me also
29) The spygate coup entails my wife and family members being subjected to duress/threats by theFeds, and forced to participate in entrapment ops upon me over multi year period. And, they were forced to proffer fabricated testimony. Such aggressive tactics are vile and demonic.
30) Perps of collusion probe are really perps of the spygate coup. Feds are "testing the waters" about sentencing and trying to get my reaction. It should be
discussed after we get lawful aid/protection, not before (feds feeling us out while withholding lawful aid is extortion).
31) Origins of Spygate coup involves racial animus/random retribution/purple revolution. “Americas best interest” is excuse Feds give for depriving us of lawful aid, being stripped of our rights (even though innocent) and subjected to demonic criminality.
32) The “purple revolution”: food/beverage service & medical is how it’s being done (toxins/poisons). "Community organizing" is the training. Revolution crimes are coordinated via smartphones (gangstalking/blackmail/entrapment ops) based upon intel from our own 3 letter agencies.
33) The Spygate related felonies upon us continue, wife remains missing. We still have received no lawful aid/protection/assistance. Updated contact with DOJ/AG on 06/07/2020.
34) Much of the stimulus (plus no rent/mortgage forbearance etc.) is pre-planned targeted stealth reparations for the purple revolution. Plexiglass dividers are really spit, slap, punch protectors for when the spygate is divulged.
35) 45 isn't really running against Joe, he is running against the truth of Spygate (AKA crossfire hurricane) and its victim (me).
36) Four years of staged phony investigations, false flags, impeachments, special prosecutors etc. all had a singular purpose….to keep spygate (AKA crossfire hurricane) covered up and to keep me out of the 2020 elections the same as 2016. See thread. https://bit.ly/2FYBazN 
37) Election “psyop” is by both parties to keep spygate cover-up going (AKA crossfire hurricane) and to keep "blackbag op" on me for blackmail/extortion. 45 isn't running against Joe, he’s running against truth of spygate & its victim(me).Thread https://bit.ly/2FYBazN 
38) Durham investigation is another smokescreen. The origins of the Russia probe is our case, spygate (AKA crossfire hurricane). The Russia probe was a ruse to buy time to keep "blackbag op" on me for blackmail/extortion and deprive us lawful aid. See attached contact 11/08/2019.
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