I notice Gorka is still attacking Q, & Carpe Donktum is in the comments doing it as well- look, unlike certain pro Maga people that are proven frauds -I don't think either one of these even know what's going on.

Probably patriots, still, it's worth reflecting on for a moment
Carpe is a little easier to deconstruct because his arguments actually have contentions rather than blanket vitriol. It's silly he says that Q attacks people for "challenging him" that's not what Posobiec did, he presented "evidence" which was proven as a fraud by autists.
It's a stupid argument as well which could be framed as the follows:
X hates Q and loves T - Therefore because T appreciates X loving T - then he must also hate Q. It's just bad logic.

If Trump hates Q so much I'm sure he would have made it clearer than that lol.
He may know that on some level which is why he frames it as "Q was attacking them" - defending oneself is not "attacking" besides only time Gorka's name comes up on Q isn't even about him - it's about a scam called the Maga Coalition he left. - he was attacking that, not him
Interestingly I'll be curious to see if Posobiec continues to attack Q given my recent decode here. https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1212365713022709760 I'm not sure. My decode says MOS flipped, and if that really was his boss then probably he won't. But it's not an exact science. We shall see.
Btw that post is Wayback machine because like all platforms we have grown on - it was shut down. It's not like we imagine such things - we are being censored everywhere we congregate.

Seriously, notice the growth - it was exploding in Reddit before they shut it down
From the first day Q posted till today anywhere he goes they attempt to deplatform - but worse than that they post waves of disinfo - disgusting pictures to scare away the new and harass people a thousand different ways. That's a lot of effort! Why? https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1196749507037261824
Of course we know why, heck I have so many threads that function as proof of what's going on. https://twitter.com/CodesUcq/status/1185656584795344896 that it's not even an issue for those who look close enough. But again I don't think that's the issue here - I honestly think they don't know. Busy guys.
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