Thread on Brahmins and Pongal :
Almost all the indian festivals will have some brahmin story attached with it. Deepavali navarathri are prime example. If you ask someone who will celebrate diwali , they will say Hindus. 1/n
But if you ask someone who will celebrate Pongal ,the answer will be tamils. So this pongal is not attached with any religion. Its a national festival of the tamils. 2/n
Still you can see churches and mosques celebrating pongal in Tamilnadu. This makes the festival important one. Moreover pongal is not associated with Brahmanical idea of purity. 3/n
Brahmanism considers death as pollution and you should not have festivals or like deepavali for an year. But with pongal you don't have any such restrictions. This shows that pongal was here even before Brahmanism. 4/n
The pongal food :
For pongal people will offer yam , palm sprout , sweet potato to thank Sun. As i mentioned in one of my previous thread all these vegetables are prohibited for Brahmins as they think all these underground tubers belongs only to shudras. These tubers 5/n
Still have no place in Hindu temples . So this is another example that pongal was there even before the advent of Brahamnism into tamil society. Moreover manu smrithi says brahmins should not indulge in agriculture practises , so this festival doesn't make any sense for them 6/n
So on the whole Pongal is a Tamils festival which was now celebrated even by the Brahmins but it still stays here as an anti idea of Brahmin cultural hegemony. So all tamils celebrate this festival by thanking our great nature. 7/7
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