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What is the real legacy of Tesla’s work?

During his life, Tesla made amazing discoveries. Helped by close working relationship with a man named George Scherff Sr. He was at different times noted as Tesla’s assistant, accountant, and friend.
During the time they worked together, Scherff amassed a large collection of Tesla’s papers as well as insight into what he was working on and the “previously unknown physics” behind that work.
Upon Tesla’s death, agents from the Office of Alien properties seized his papers and equipment almost immediately. They were then given to John G Trump, an electrical engineer, physicist and inventor (as well as POTUS uncle) for examination
By many accounts, Tesla had some 80 trunks filled with notes and equipment plus what he kept in his personal safe. A lot of highly technical things to go through for 1 man. But John managed it in 2 days because he concluded there was “no scientific notes” within any of it.
This could very well be misdirection on the part of Trump. Tesla’s work covered a lot of ground and in his later life he was focused on military applications of his concepts of Teleforce and Telegeodynamics as he spoke about in a NYT article from 1940. But what if it were true?
Is it possible that someone had cherry picked the technical info out of Tesla’s work before he died? Who would have access AND know what to grab? His former assistant/accountant George Scherff Sr stands out to me as a strong possibility.
After Tesla’s death (January 7, 1943), many researchers and govt officials were asking these same questions. The FBI contacted Scherff Sr in 1954 to ask him just that. But instead of showing up himself, he sent his teenage son to speak with the FBI (weird, right?)
The sons name was given as George H Scherff jr and he told the FBI that through his fathers work with Tesla, they possessed a large collection of his notes. Scherff jr told the FBI that he was contacted at his home in New York by Leland Anderson, a writer from Colorado Springs.
Anderson wanted the information to both memorialize Tesla and continue his research along with Kenneth Swezey. Here are the letters Anderson sent to Scherff jr
While it’s unclear whether Scherff Jr gave them any info, it was clear that he possessed much of what they were interested in. Considering the books they wrote, even if they didn’t it’s obvious that Tesla was light years ahead of his peers in physics, electromagnetism...
Wireless transmission of power, radio waves, propulsion, and particle manipulation. Tesla even claimed to understand how to create and control ball lightning as well as transmit and receive signals from deep space.
During his life Tesla had many financial troubles and made a lot of bad deals, claiming much of his work was stolen by other countries (including Germany). Much of his work was apparently stolen by “friends”. Which brings us back to Scherff Sr
While working together, Scherff Sr would bring his son to the lab. Jr proved to be an annoyance to Tesla and would often rifle through his papers and equipment, and things would often go missing. Tesla gave Jr the nickname “Curious George” because he was always under foot.
So who exactly were the Scherffs? To answer that we need to explore another strange but fascinating part of the story. Fast forward to 1999 to Otto Skorzeny, Hitlers former bodyguard and SS Officer who escaped after WW2 through the rat lines setup by the Nazis the end of the war Skorzeny escaped to Chile where he spent time at the notorious secret Nazi stronghold Colonia Dignidad. Working with other Nazis to continue the goals of the Reich
Skorzeny supposedly died in 1975, but he was apparently quietly living in the US until 99. On his deathbed he confessed to his daughters boyfriend who he was and told him an incredible story.
The story was that Scherff Sr was none other than Prescott Bush! And Jr was none other than George HW Bush. And that they were Nazi spies put into position to continue the work of the Reich and undermine the free world from within the US.
To back up his claims, Otto had a shoebox full of photos of he and his fellow Nazis after WW2 getting together in places all over the world to meet secretly and continue their work of achieving the goals of their Reich. Otto even claimed Scherff Sr killed Tesla.
Curiously Scherff Sr (Prescott) was the last person to see Tesla alive on Jan 3 1943. The backstory of their family history is rather complex (purposely so) but here are a couple links to good breakdowns (H/T @Wrecknor)
But did they also pass on Tesla’s sensitive and highly technical information to the Germans? A bit of conjecture here but I think the answer is yes. Germany’s military was decimated after WW1 but yet made an incredible resurgence and developed some advanced tech almost overnight
Let’s consider some of the weapons developed by Germany. Starting with their “V” weapons. Towards the end of 42 they started using their V1 buzz bomb and their V2 rockets (essentially the first guided missle) to strike as far away as London. V2s were guided by radio signals...
...sorry, technical difficulties posting all of part 2. Stay tuned
Tesla pt2 Germany and beyond

Picking up the thread where we left off with Tesla’s wireless transmission ideas being used the Germans created the first guided bombs. This advancement had an immediate effect as they were capable of sinking battleships with one well placed bomb
This was quickly followed by advancements in creating the first guided missiles as well. These were capable of being guided either by wire or later by front facing tv camera.
These devolpments came with some vulnerabilities as well as the signal reach to guide them was minimal, leaving the planes controlling their flight path easy targets as they had to stay close and fly steady.
The Allies also quickly developed counter measures after discovering the secret of their guidance from planes they shot down. Targeting the slow guide plane with anti-aircraft fire and jamming the signal using radar limited the effectiveness of both
These weapons, although a huge leap forward came too late and were produced in too small a quantity to have any major impact on the war. However they are great examples of just how adept the Germans were in their use of these new technologies
Now onto some more exotic uses for Tesla’s work with Electromagnetism. Starting in about 1929, experiments conducted by Hans Coler and Dr Winfried Otto Schuman (discoverer of the Schuman resonance) developed a “free energy” device
This device used Tesla’s Impulse Magnifying Transformers in a hexagonal lay out of magnets and pulsed Tesla coils to transduce power from seemingly nowhere
The layout of the device created a spinning vortex of EM current. They found that when you added liquid mercury, it greatly enhanced the power output and it’s vorticity. Coupling the charge with a vortex of EM capacitance allowed for some remarkable effects.
The most remarkable was creating an EM anti-gravity field capable of powering flight. Enter the Haunebu flying disc
The Haunebu was developed by the SS in their ultra secret Vril Arado Brandenburg aircraft testing grounds. It eventually had up to 4 different variations by wars end (and beyond). Each one having a variety of size, capabilities, and armaments.
The principal of how they harnessed the vortex for flight is what Star Trek fans would recognize as an “impulse drive”. Basically it’s a magnetic tornado and as you pulse energy at specific angles into the vortex, you tilt and steer it.
The Nazis also allegedly developed what they called the KSK (German for Strong Ray Gun) that used the same power source to generate a charged particle beam. Sounds eerily similar to Tesla’s death ray
And that brings us to the most intriguing and fabled Nazi device: Die Glocke or the Nazi Bell.
Data about the Bell is hard to come by, but what can be gathered is that it was constructed with two counter rotating drums of “red mercury” that when properly aligned created a vortex powerful enough to bend space time itself, allowing the bell to travel across space and time!
The principal behind it would be more similar to a “warp drive”. Allowing for jumps in space time rather than flight through it. Curiously there are many stories of the Bell but it was never found. However we do know where it was allegedly tested, near Wenceslas Mine in Poland
Sauce on the physics and veracity of a gravity drive, applicable to both the Hannebu and De Glocke. The 1927 Kowsky-Frost experiment
As the war was nearing its conclusion with the Allies closing in from the west and the Russians from the east, the Nazis knew their days were numbered so many began to flee and take their most advanced science and tech with them to continue their efforts in secret.
With the help of Pope Pious XII and the Red Cross thousands of Nazis fled out of Italy, Spain, and Genoa to far away South America, North Africa, and to the fabled base 211 in New Schaubenland Antarctica where they could truly work in secret
Many find the idea of an operational base in Antarctica in the 1930’s, 40’s and beyond far fetched but consider this: they had functional zero point energy generators as early as the late 20’s as well as a huge fleet of u-boats and later transports like the Hannebu soon after...
With nearly a 15 year head start, the ability to move in secret, a source of slave labor, a cozy relationship with nearby Argentina, and the plundered wealth and resources they amassed during the war. Is it really that far fetched?
By the wars end, over 120k Red Cross passports were issued to fleeing Nazis that were never seen again. While many certainly were scooped up by other nations, OSS brought many to the US during operation Paperclip. Others seemed to have simply vanished.
Many of the Paperclip scientists were ardent Nazis but had technical knowledge deemed vital to our national security and had their backgrounds whitewashed. They were quietly integrated into our existing projects and many helped the US immensely.
After victory in Europe in 1945, while most US military returned home and started the baby boom, Adm Richard Byrd was ordered by James Forrestal to quickly organize a “scientific expedition” to Antarctica. In 1946 he set out to conduct Operation Highjump.
With some 13 ships as well as an aircraft carrier, various airplanes and some 4,000 soldiers their task was stated to be setting up a base there. However it seems more likely a cover story for conducting recon and an offensive against the fabled German base 211
The expedition was supposed to last over 6 months but they were forced to flee after only a few weeks due to suffering “massive loses”. Some can be blamed on weather and equipment failure, but the reports (including Byrds’) suggest they had battled against a vastly superior foe
Among some of the reports were seemingly fantastic tales of flying saucers traveling at fantastic speeds, firing heat based ray guns (Hannebu w/GSK weapons?). Also some planes were said to have crashed into an invisible shield (Teleforce?) as they approached the base.
Operation highjump was a failure and also a harsh lesson that we were vastly out gunned and under prepared. So Byrd and his men came home, were sworn to secrecy, and got to work trying to even the playing field.
I think it’s a good time to note a few incidents that occurred at this time as well. In June of 1947 was the famous sighting by Kenneth Arnold of craft flying at incredible speeds that seemed to “skip like saucers across the sky” near Mt. Rainer
This began the series of UFO sightings across the US and elsewhere and was the birth of the term flying saucer. Then only a few weeks later, in July 1947 was the infamous story of the Roswell UFO crash
On several nights in July, there appeared to be a display of power by these craft maneuvering and hovering around the White House and Capital building. Could it be that these were Nazi craft threatening the US?
Something to ponder, who exactly were we having to make a deal with? In light of the info I’ve laid out I think it’s worth considering that the ET angle was a canard to cover up another scary possibility, the Nazis actually did not lose WW2 and forced us into a quiet surrender 🤔
For those of you saying “But muh aliens!” Consider that multiple possible scenarios exist and I’d urge you to explore the Vril society and their reported channeling of advanced beings from Aldebaran 
This combined with the Vedic texts detailed descriptions of Vimana flying craft may also explain where Tesla got his inspiration. His study of longitudinal (scalar) waves allowed him to send a signal around Earth 17 times years before Marconi could send one across the Atlantic
Tesla was also well versed in the Vedic texts and claimed he was able to send and receive signals from deep space using his tech. So they may have a common origin or blueprints so to speak.
It’s not over yet, there’s still more to come! Just not right now 😉
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