THE WAY WE WERE: Take a trip back to 2016 with me for a reminder of the way we were and everything that has changed.

Decide what’s worth fighting for.

Let’s start here. We once had a President who was universally loved—welcome wherever he went. @BBCNews
1/ Eight years into his presidency, Obama’s approval rating was sky high: “More than 70% of people in 18 countries polled by Globescan think that his election was a good thing.

Of the 19 countries surveyed, only the Russians had a negative view of him.”- @BBC

We’ll get to that.
3/ A former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State—well-prepared for the job in front of her—was warning us of a dark undercurrent infesting the GOP.
4/ Remember when we had president’s with a full cabinet.
5/ Environmental protections used to be a thing in America. Clean air and water was even a bi-partisan goal. Most don’t know that Nixon gave us the EPA and Endangered Species Act.

In 2016, we had a government that believed in science and saving whales.
6/ In 2016, it wasn’t so obvious members of the GOP were owned by Moscow.
7/ We used to have a President who listened to his spy agencies.
8/ We used to have a President who followed national security protocol.
9/ We used to have a President who didn’t disparage our intelligence agencies.
10/ In 2016, truth meant something.
12/ Jurists used to be vetted.
13/ Empathy used to be a thing.
14/ Prior to the current presidency*, American billionaires didn’t pay for stolen data and align with Putin to wage infowars to impact election outcomes.
15/ Before 2016, all the president’s men didn’t look like a mugshots mosaic in a future wing of the @TheMobMuseum.
16/ In 2016, we didn’t fully understand we were a target nation of electronic and information warfare.
17/ Recall when we had a President who cherished and supported women, who didn’t use derogatory language and deride women to make them feel less than. Ya, me too.
18/ Recall when we had First Ladies who were accomplished, graceful and iconic leaders. We never doubted their allegiances.
19/ Recall prior to 2016, when previous Presidents didn’t feel compelled to state on the record that the current president* is illegitimate. Yes, me too.
20/ That time @GeorgeHWBush voted for a Democrat.
21/ Recall how our previous President didn’t fawn over murderous war criminals.
22/ Recall when Presidents didn’t load their administration with climate change deniers.
23/ Recall when white supremicists didn’t commit mass murder inspired by a U.S. president’s* rhetoric.
24/ Recall back in 2016, when we had a likable Vice President, who didn’t foment hate and gaze adoringly at an ogre.
25/ Recall back in 2016 when our President wasn’t the subject of a 448-page report that determined he obstructed justice and was obsessed with appearing legitimate & whose now-imprisoned campaign manager shared internal data with Russian spies. Ya, me too.
27/ Back before 2016, an oily candidate with a documented history of corruption, scams and chiseling would’ve been unthinkable.
28/ Back before 2016, we never would have conceived of a candidate under contract to @nbc.
30/ Back before 2016, our authentic Presidents released their tax returns. Clearly, fraudsters in hock to the Russian mob eschew transparency.
31/ Back when empathy was a thing and we had an administration concerned about climate change and endangered species, seismic air guns were rejected.
32/ Recall when character counted.
37/ We used to vet our Supreme Court nominees and if it was determined they were partisan hacks with a history of shade, they got bounced.
39/ Recall when a smart woman candidate had Putin’s number, knew he was a war criminal rigging elections to stay in power of a nuclear-armed wreck of a nation. Then Trump’s installed and suddenly the smug bastards’ face was everywhere getting free pub. @AP
40/ We used to be a beacon of hope in this world. Until a fraudster in hock to the Russian mob opened the White House doors to corruption and called it patriotism. Now, everything is at risk.
42/ Recall back in 2016, when we had a President who supported the Paris Agreement.
43/ Recall when Stephen Hawking didn’t have to warn the world against the imminent threat an American president* posed.
44/ Recall when the @DalaiLama didn’t feel the duty to warn about the global threat posed by an American president*.
45/ Recall when we had a media that was less dumb and/or complicit.
46/ Recall when the media didn’t normalize grifters, fraudsters and mooches. Recall when giving liars facetime wasn’t so cute.
47/ Recall when the nation’s top mental health experts didn’t feel the @duty2warn citizens about the malignant narcissism of an American president*.
48/ Recall when America had leaders who stood up to evil.
49/ Recall the days before the GOP compromised our country.
50/ Recall when we didn’t have a president* whose sole job was to create daily outrage so we didn’t notice the desperate war criminal behind the curtain—a prisoner of his own corruption—getting more desperate daily as his country turns against him.
51/ Recall the days before we knew an American billionaire was financing data thieves who promoted disinformation aligned with Russia’s information war, while his hedge fund was buying shares in Russian telecommunications.

Harming our country for an ROI.
52/ Recall back in 2016, when we didn’t know a billionaire who financed Cambridge Analytica, Breitbart, Citizens United, denialism and Trump—installing Bannon and Conway as his foot soldiers of infohate—was conducting an unethical experiment on our minds.
53/ Recall back in 2016, when corporate controlled media had spent years dismantling its investigative units because infotainment was so much more profitable than truth. Then a con man was elected. Luckily a few of us with investigative chops still exist.
57/ Recall when our Presidents didn’t crave praise from war criminals.
58/ Recall when we didn’t spend our days blocking bots and trolls—in a cyberwar paid for by billionaires, both foreign and domestic.
59/ Remember back in the day before healthcare was politicized.
60/ Recall back in 2016 when we weren’t apoplectic that our President was compromised.
61/ Recall when we weren’t a kleptocracy.
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