Important to note. This is just one accuser of MANY. There will be much more coming out re:Epstein

Also these releases are not related to the criminal case in NY.
Let's start with the Exhibits.

Guiffre talking to a reporter about a book she was working on.

This is the type of stuff Dersh wanted to cherry pick.

TFW "We all suspect he's a pedo but we have no proof" is the best you got 😂
Back and forth between lawyer and Giufrre, discussing the reporter, Sharon Churcher, and some of the statements she might've gotten wrong, misconstrued, etc.

"checkmarks" are things she thinks Churcher got wrong.

Clinton discussed here. Giuffree didn't actually witness herself
On Trump she says she never witnessed him having sex with any of Epstein's girls and she disputes that he flirted with her.
Says she met Al Gore, Heidi Klum, and Naomi Campbell
FBI informed Giuffre that Epstein had hidden cameras everywhere watching her, including the bathroom.
Disputes that Prince Andrew was at Epstein's New Mexico Zorro Ranch.
The full list of undisputed and disputed statements (checkmarks) I urge all to read through the entire document and they go through each thing one by one.
Now to the court docs:

Epstein's pimp, Ghislaine Maxwell recruited new victims at schools.

Later the witness explains that she witnessed and partook in sexual acts with Giuffre and Prince Andrew.
Eva Anderson Dubin's (Epstein's former gf) former house manager testifies that he witnessed a 15 yr old Swedish girl terrified and distraught at the house after Maxwell tried to force her to have sex with Epstein with threats and stealing her passport. 🤬🤬🤬
This vile fucking woman....
Epstein's former house manager, Juan Alessi testified that he witnessed hundreds of girls at the house, and that Maxwell was the chief recruiter to get new girls but wasn't the only one. He says that after cleaning up after some of the "massages" he would find sex toys... 🤮
Medical records provided by Giuffre back up her claims that she was sexually abused during the time period when she was employed by Epstein/Maxwell.
During now deceased, Detective Recarey's investigation, he found many message pads of various calls from girls, associates, and appointments for "work" which was code for sexual massages.

Why isn't Jean Luc-Brunel in jail????
What the ever loving shit? Amazon purchases by Epstein included,

Slavecraft: A roadmap for erotic servitude and a workbook for erotic slaves and their owners. 😐

Totally normal....
Maxwell, trying to cover for Prince Andrew stated that Giuffre didn't make allegations against him until 2014, records and emails prove that she came forward in 2011.
A summary of sorts. Many pages of Maxwell's laughable arguments about defamation/libel and the such.
In describing Maxwell's non-denial denial. Lawyer calls it "Yes, I'm a sex-trafficker but only on Tuesdays and Thursday" defense.
Now he says that Maxwell's defense of Dersh is called the "Yes, I'm a sex trafficker but she was not trafficked to the professor" defense 😂
This again, is just the first batch of more to come.

Thread by the great @KlasfeldReports for more on this release.
Former Epstein employee, Juan Alessi, confirms that Eva Anderson was Epstein's former girlfriend. He also states that Epstein originally hired him because "Wechsler" knew him. Sure that's supposed to be Wexler.
Maxwell would go to the various Palm Beach massage spa's and leave her business card looking for new recruits.

And him explaining in more disgusting detail about the sex toys left after massages...
James Ausritch, Giuffre's former boyfriend describes when she told him of her "work" at Mar-a-lago and with Epstein.

There's a section with an Epstein video deposition, but it consist of him taking the 5th on every question.
Tony Figueroa, another boyfriend up next...

Talks about what Giuffre told him about the relationship between Epstein/Maxwell and her.
He goes on further to discuss, that at some point she was fed up with the life and wanted out. When she told him about wanting to leave, she sounded scared at the prospect and worried for her safety.
Giuffre now.

Her father worked as a maintenance manager at Mar-a-Lago before she started ther herself.

Maxwell didn't waste any time digging her claws into her. Just 2-3 week after she started working there, Ghislaine approached her.
She states that the number is too high to remember about how many girls she witnessed having sex with Maxwell/Epstein.

Says she first met Prince Andrew in 2001, "Glenn Dubin was first."
Maxwell forced her to have sex with Dershowitz, Former Gov. Richardson, Jean Luc Brunel, Glenn Dubin, Prince Andrew, and former Senator Mitchell. Just some of the people she names.

Pointing out that former PM of Spain, Jose Aznar is in the BB for no reason whatsoever 😉
Giuffre says that Epstein informed her that he had the Palm Beach Police Dept in his pocket.
A Jane Doe deposition

Epstein took her clothes off on the first meeting.

When she went to the Police, she was subject to threats and intimidation.

Sarah Kellen's deposition was also taken, like Epstein, invoked her 5th amendments rights on every question.
Nadia Marcinko answered all questions with the 5th.

Maxwell's depo is just her playing dumb and acting like she has no clue what's going on around her. Completely ridiculous entitled attitude. Like so.

"I barely recall Virginia" TIL Sex traffickers have a faulty memory.
Gotta run. will finish up later. (pg 211 of 883)

Detective Recarey's depositions up next.
Recarey says that Nadia Marcinko, one of Epstein's pilots, had sex with a victim at Epstein's request. Of the 30 or so girls he interviewed that worked as masseuses with Epstein, only 1 had experience.

Discusses the trash pull which is how he got a hold of those message pads.
He believes that Epstein's Palm Beach house was "sanitized" before they raided it as there were numerous wires dangling and just the PC monitors left behind.

Did someone from the Palm Beach Police Dept give Jeffrey a heads up? 🤔
Rinaldo Rizzo talks about an encounter in Epstein's home where him, Ghislaine, Eva Anderson, and a 15 year old girl are present. He spotted various nude photos of girls hanging on the walls.
This poor girl...
David Rodgers, Epstein pilot's depo

Mostly discusses why he uses abbreviations, some with last names etc on the flight logs. Goes through the various trips. Very helpful section for those trying to decipher the Epstein flight logs.
Discusses a trip on Epstein's plane with Clinton and his secret service. He snapped a picture with him and the whole crew.
Johanna Sjoberg another girl recruited by Maxwell.

Maxwell would refer to one of the girls, Emmy Taylor, as "slave."

In discussing why he needed so many massages, Epstein once told her that he needed to have 3 orgasms a day, it was biological, like eating...
Ghislaine explains how she can't possibly be enough for Jeffrey and that's why he needs so many other girls.

A suggestive picture she took with Giuffre a puppet of Prince Andrew... and Prince Andrew.
These girls were brainwashed, groomed. It's so sad. They were programmed to know what was expected of them at all times.
Epstein's former house manager, Januz Banasiak confirms that computers were indeed removed from the Palm Beach house.
Another Epstein employee, Louella Rabuyo discusses the day of the police raid on his Palm Beach residence.
Alfredo Rodriguez, Epstein's former butler says that Nadia Marcinko was Epstein's "number one girlfriend" and would bring back different girls with her all the time. They also asked him about the removal of the computers from the house.
A jane doe discusses the video setup. A young technician from Wexler's town, New Albany, Ohio maintained the computers for Epstein.

*Cough Timothy Newcome...
A Palm Beach Police report about an incident involving Epstein in 2005 that originally launched the Epstein investigation.

"He was a very built guy and his wee wee was very tiny." 😂🤮😂🤮
Nadia Marcinko was purchased from her parents in Yugoslavia to be his personal sex slave.
The day of the house raid discussed.
The people that took part in this deal...Their day is coming. 😈
Remember that section in the sent. memo about Epstein private investigators running people off the road? According to this, the plates of the car in question belonged to Zachery Bechard of Jupiter Fl. He works at Candor Investigations, a private eye firm.
That about does it. The rest are exhibits of the flight logs, receipts, records, some pictures etc.

Now excuse me while I go throw up and watch a steady stream of cat videos to cleanse my mind of this filth.
Adding this section, since it has to do with another private investigator sent to intimidate one of Epstein's victims.

The private investigator's name was Thaddeus Knowles of Palm beach.
His license is still valid to this day.

Fairly certain this is him, although he doesn't mention that line of work at all, but he does talk about working at UPS, who has been his primary employer for decades.

Moonlighting as a private eye?
It is kind of amusing though, someone tried to obfuscate his mylife profile, (which anyone can edit at any time) by putting a picture of a white guy there with the same name, but all the relatives from the facebook profile above line up with that Thaddeus, not the white dude.
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