Nia Long

Everyone's favorite 90s girl. If you talk to an old head & he doesn't have her in his top 10, he was probably a dweeb.
Lela Rochon

Before this recent scandal with her husband, Lela was a force to be reckoned with in the 90s.
Halle Berry

What more is there to be said. She got every man through puberty.
Toni Braxton

One of the best voices & most attractive singers of the 90s. Everyone wanted Ms. Braxton in her heyday.
Alysia Rogers

Alysia was a personal favorite back in my youth, will never forget that red dress she wore on "Class Act".
Tyra Banks

Women with big foreheads are usually bad, Supermodel Tyra was no exception to that rule.

Beautiful & fashion forward, she's the mother of these new age R&B girls of today. R.I.P 🙏🏿
Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada was damn near in every hood 90s movie/video & always stole the spotlight. The "Set It Off" with the sugar daddy is still funny to this day. 😂 She was bad tho.
You're going to see Tupac alot throughout this thread. Pac wasn't lying when he said he got around. 😂
Janet Jackson

Between her & Nia Long, Janet was every old head's favorite 90s crush. She lowkey owned the 90s.
Beverly Peele

Only the cultured niggas know who this beauty is. Lol
Tatyana Ali

Any man born after 88 was in love with Ashley Banks.
Sade Adu

Sade was medium-key underrated in the 90s. Angelic voice & looks. đŸ”„
Michelle Thomas

Even as a kid I was confused as to why Urkel wanted Laura over Myra Monkhouse. Michelle was extremely beautiful. R.I.P 🙏🏿
Kellie Shanygne Williams

You all know her as Laura Winslow but Kellie was always a pretty chick. She wasn't to be slept on.

Mya was every pre-teen favorite it girl. She always reminded me of an Americanized Sade looks wise. Mya was the baddest pop chick in the early 2000s.
Whitney Houston

The greatest singer of our generation was also one of the most beautiful. We all miss you. R.I.P Queen 🙏🏿
Meagan Good

Meagan Good been my crush since she was on Nickelodeon & Cousin Skeeter. đŸ”„đŸ”„
Vivica A. Fox

Vivica helped me grow some chest hair after watching "Booty Call". Jamie Foxx had me dying from that movie. 😂
Stacey Dash

Before she became a sellout, Stacey Dash was top 5.
Angela Bassett

What more can I say? Angela Bassett always been đŸ„¶.
Garcelle Beauvais

Even tho "The Jamie Foxx Show" was hilarious, "Fancy" was the main reason niggas tuned in to watch the show. If a they tell you otherwise their lying. 😂 Was also on "Coming To America.
Lark Voorhies

Lisa Turtle was the baddest chick on "Saved By The Bell". Dudes dreamed of having a suburban black chick like Lisa Turtle.
Lisa Bonet

Lisa was always top 5 & she wasn't #5. Every nigga born after 85' wanted a side chick that looked like Lisa. She was weird but her beauty made it okay. Lmao
Rozonda Thomas

Rozonda a.k.a Chili was always the baddest chick in TLC. Left Eye & T-Boz were bad but Chili always stood out.
Adina Howard

Adina Howard got alot of our asses beat as a kid from listening to her music. I'm shaking typing this tweet. Lmao
Ananda Lewis

Hands down the baddest MTV deejay of all time.
Jasmine Guy

The first Bad & Boujie chick we all loved. We all wanted a Boulé chick after seeing her on "A Different World"
Robin Givens

Mike Tyson had a baddie on him & messed it up. đŸ€ŠđŸżâ€â™‚ïž... Obviously influenced Gabrielle Union because they act & talk just alike. Lol
Vanessa Williams

As a kid I was mad as hell that Rick Fox married my future wife. đŸ€Ź
Salli Richardson

You won't find too many women that look better than this Goddess. She's how I imagined Pocahontas to look like. Fellas, y'all already know.
Tichina Arnold

Pam was disgustingly slept on, always looked better than Tisha Campbell even to this day. Real niggas know.
Ajai Sanders

In my opinion is the best looking female comedian I've ever seen in my life & funny. The perfect chick in real life, fine & funny.
Mariah Carey

Top 5 voices of all time, was a knockout in the 90s.
Lauryn Hill

Every dude had a thing for Lauryn Hill, I don't care what they say. She was beautiful. ❀

a.k.a the "Vocal Bible" Brandy Norwood was a legend in the 90s. Some of you know her as Moesha, I knew her as my wife back in 98.
Naomi Campbell

What more do you want me to say? Naomi was đŸ”„.
Karyn Parsons

Hilary Banks was the "IT" girl of the early 90s. Every dude would have given up anything to get a sniff of her walk-by air.
Essence Atkins

Yvette was the reason why I watched "Smart Guy". No bullshit. Lol
Sanaa Lathan

Shid I'd of played her for her heart too. Fockumean!
Trina Colette McGee

Niggas watched "Boy Meets World" for Topanga & this chick. She was lowkey bad.
Elise Neal

Got my first look at Elise Neal when she made an appearance on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air & "Money Talks". Think she was back then, you should see her now at 51.
Monica Calhoun

The reason women don't go to the wrong kickback. I'm just playing, Monica Calhoun had us hooked since "The Player's Club".

Brandy's arch nemesis. The best club voice of all time & a beauty. ❀
Mary J. Blige

Everyone's favorite auntie & the Queen of Hip Hop Soul was a baddie in the 90s & still is today.

The first East African girl to have niggas sprung including myself. The Somali beauty was a unit back in the day.
Lisa Raye

Lisa Raye, where do I start? Just know she got millions of impressionable young black men like myself thru puberty. An all-time legend. Lmaoo
Malinda Williams

We all went to school with a cute chick like Malinda that had gangsta brothers that'll fuck you up. All my cultures brothas catch my drift. 😭
Maia Campbell

In terms of beauty, she was unfair in the 90s. The prototype of what a Nubian woman would look like. She was so bad, she had Tyrese singing his soul out for her on the metro bus. 😭
Taral Hicks

If Maia Campbell was the nubian woman prototype then Taral was the prototype of the Nubian QUEEN. This woman was so beautiful & chocolate that millions of black men were diagnosed with diabetes after watching the movie "Belly".
A.J. Johnson

The most in shape beauty on this list. Most of you may know her as Jody's mom but us real ones remember her from House Party.
Robinne Lee

Extremely underrated.
Chanté Moore

Legendary singer & beauty back in the 90s. One of my uncles told me back in the day you either wanted Toni Braxton or Chanté.
Cindy Herron

Most people knew her as a member of En Vogue, I first knew her as the baddie from "JUICE".
Wendy Raquel Robinson

Y'all know her as Malik Wright's mom, I know her as "Ms. Piggy". Lol
Erykah Badu

That sexy voodoo woman that every nigga was afraid of but we all secretly wanted.

The mother of all of your favorite ratchet female rappers was tough back in the day.
Reagan Gomez

An underrated baddie in the 90s. The first Afro-Latina we all knew about.
Kenya Moore

The Amazing black Amazon woman. Got me sweating. Lmao
Thandie Newton

She weirded me out on "Beloved" but made up for it later on in her career. She's actually very attractive.
Gabrielle Union

You know I couldn't go any longer without mentioning the beautiful Gabrielle Union. She was the token black girl in every 90s teen movie.
Lynn Whitfield

Y'all know I couldn't end the thread without mentioning the lovely Ms. Lynn Whitfield. She's the reason I love MILFS. Ms. Whitfield had every playa afraid of playing these women. Easily the baddest older woman of the 90s hands down. Still bad today.đŸ”„
If you feel that I'm missing anyone, feel free to add on to the thread.
Bianca Lawson

Almost forgot about this beauty. Bianca Lawson is a vampire that hasn't aged since the 90s.
Victoria Dillard

When I first seen coming to America & she popped out of the tub after washing Prince Akeem's penis, i grew hair on my midsection.
Shanice Wilson

She was such a cutie pie & was a very underrated singer back in the 90s.
Holly Robinson Peete...

Really an 80s crossover but she was a beauty in the 90s as well
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