paleolithic dating scene
In the beginning, there was a book deal.
the birth of language
overlapping generations model

[cc: @dandolfa]
matsya nyaya
theory of special relativity
Hansel & Gretel
middle management is the cruelest...
religion is search engine of the masses
some barbers deserve a Pritzker Prize
slowly, she discovered another side of him that just liked to sleep.
Make America Greta Again
in-group meditation
The nightmare scenario for hippie parents.
Homeric smalltalk
Heidegger: truth is the unconcealment of being
paleolithic scrum
a casteless Britain remains a dream
capitalism: robbing innocence for generations
Miranda threats
old Centaur proverb: if you believe in flying Centaurs you'll believe in anything.
quantum cats
future proofing your legacy
the cosmic man
duck-rabbit illusion
Dog's Pavlov
On the internet nobody knows you are human...
maps for existentialists
who knew, small world!
an more environmentally friendly option than paper napkins...🙆
the cruel world of internship...
a madhyamika mechanic
the medium is the message
wisdom is a fat tail
homeland insecurity
kids these days
outstanding students in their graduating class
The medium is the message.
the overeducated discover the undertheorized
the moral animal
the upside of self-righteousness
Davos conferences, the original version.
I get all my news from social media.
The overachieving existentialist.
some people have great memory
it's not you, it's me...
little known that Bertrand Russell, co-author of Principia Mathematica, had a traumatic childhood...
reality bites
work from home
no travel ban for viruses
social distancing strategies
43. if beards were fonts
43. existentialism
44. Slick
45. Tragic but true
46. Marxism 2.0: Workers (from home) of the world unite.
47. Cat Pollock
48. How to go up the corporate ladder
49. the essence of Twitter: the barely concerned meets the all-too-righteous...
50. capital flight and its discontents
51. pessimism of the intellect goes on a date with the optimism of the will
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