Recently @KishWidyaratna explained exactly why Amazon reviews are so important. I was just under the impression that lots of gold stars meant people were more inclined to buy books when browsing, but the number of reviews actually influence Amazon’s algorithm.
And as booksellers and bookshoppers alike browse Amazon, having a good Amazon presence makes a huge difference to book sales, on and off the platform.
So basically, if you’re just hanging out doing nothing today, I urge you to go and review any books you’ve read and loved because of my threads or @WhatPagePod. You don’t have to have purchased them from Amazon to leave a review, but you’ll help new readers discover your favs.
This is also a really vital thing to do if you’re like me and are very blessed to receive review copies. An Amazon review is worth more than a tweet or instagram post!
It doesn’t have to be long – just a couple of sentences summing up the themes that drew you in, or the way it made you feel.
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