1. For those that are still not familiar with the symbolism of the satanic cabal to understand just why Q keeps saying:

#SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall 💊

This 🧵 will lightly cover some of the cabal's symbols they use.

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2. Before we go into the various symbols and their meanings, note that in preparing this 🧵, I realized just how ginormous this is.

Symbols are literally EVERYWHERE.

I notice them at restaurants, day care centers, then again, I live in California. Keep your 👀 & 🧠 open
3. It's nearly impossible for me to list, define or explain them all. I will do my best to present the basic ones.

👇 Here is a quick article that lightly explains some of them 👇

I ask anons to please add to this thread (when im done) and spread truth
4. Here is the rest of that link in case it disappears in screenshots 👇 Note that not all the symbols listed here are used by the Luciferians. But most are.

(same article continued from post #3 in 🧵 for your reference)
5. Let's start w/ this Q post 👇& these easy symbols that we all recognize.

The devil likes to invert everything. Opposite of good is evil.
Think "mirror"
Know your enemy.
"Every battle is won before it's ever fought."
Knowledge is POWER.
6. Note the red and black colors are very important for them.
The black represents darkness - where they dwell. Absence of light. Opposite of Jesus.

The red stands for blood. Sacrifice. Satanic worship.
When you see black and red in this context, keep your 👀& 🧠 open
7. Cowards
8. The color red (blood) is prominent in their sick world

Example of this are literally everywhere. Pay attention to what they really mean.
9. More symbolism and red
#Communism is at the heart of this evil agenda
add to that

Now you have a NWO that wants to destroy the love of Christ. God wins. Keep reading. Thwarting, confusing, and

10. Red shoes.

The most expensive ones are made of human flesh.
The pope has a pair. They stand for sacrifice. Usually children. Yes.
This is real.
I worked in SVU. I know.
Horrors of horrors.


This should make your skin crawl. And scream for justice.
11. It started a long long time ago. This is not a new concept.
12. Ask Podesta - he knows all about this
13. The symbols and truth are everywhere.
There is no escape

#WeHaveItAll ⚖️🙏🏼
14. Tom Hanks. Major player under investigation currently.
Luciferians sell their souls for fame and fortune.

Did anyone forget about this movie he did? Ya.....
15. Let's move on to what #Pizzagate symbols mean.
Pedophelia is a CRIME.
Normalizing is like giving a criminal a loaded gun in case they missed you the first time. Get over it. If people you know are talking about it being ok, run dont walk. This is not what America stands for
16. You can look up on your own what each symbol and term means. Its just disgusting.
🚫 🌭🍕 🚫
17. There are many pedo symbols that have infiltrated our lives, our safety, our children's safety.

Here is just one chart. Notice the sherriff's symbols. Ya....
18. The checkerboard floor is a classic symbol for pedos
#EpsteinIsland (the dentist room extract teeth keep for cloning - see my cloning thread for more info on cabal clones)

Check out Kris Jenners house - whole family is caballed. Gross.
19. And then there is the

What does it signify?
Read here 👇
20. One more on the lightning bolt
21. Now let's move on to the #pyramid
Just like the number 7 or the number 6 or the color red, pyramids themselves, alone, are not evil. But the cabal has thwarted this too.

Used as a pedo symbol, the pyramid is an illuminati symbol that the cabal requires devotees to use⚠️
22. #nomorebullshit
Look at the pyramids.
Many rock stars sign the "deal" - your soul to Satan for fame and fortune.
This is not a joke.
Once you sign your soul over, there is no going back.
23. #nomorebullshit
This is for the Chris Cornell fans. He's one of many victims. But most of them clearly know. They tell you - there are no surprises.
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