$TSLA vs @Tesla

A perspective... 🤔⬇️
If you like @Tesla cars for the rollercoaster like sensations they provide, you will love being a $TSLA long shareholder...


... or not 😉
I started to buy $TSLA shares in May 2016, at around $200 and I felt bad at the time because I had missed the $160 dip a few months earlier, before the stock rallied to $250.

But Model 3 was everything I had hoped and I felt the stock was a bargain ☺️

For me, investing in $TSLA is about the mission.

Accelerating the advent of sustainable energy, away from this fossil fuel drug to which our societies are addicted.
@Tesla cars are incredibly fun to drive, have a lower TCO than equivalent #FossilCars, get better over time and have the best owner satisfaction of the industry...

Only issue: @Tesla can’t produce them fast enough to meet demand... ☺️

“The @Tesla Model 3 will likely go down in history as a product as important or even more important than @Ford’s Model T”

Turning away from #FossilCars will have a much bigger impact than getting rid of horses.

It makes Model 3 the #MostImportantCarEver

Since I bought $TSLA stock, much more information and facts about the company have been revealed.

I know much more now and all that knowledge makes me all the more certain that it was a great investment ☺️
Since 2016, the following happened (I will for sure miss a lot of news...):

@Tesla updated Model S

Tesla revealed new details of its Autopilot program: 780M miles of data, 100M miles driven and more


@Tesla was done being an automaker.

It became an energy company by offering to acquire @solarcity


@elonmusk revealed @Tesla’s Master Plan Part Deux, which was met with indifference by $TSLA investors... 🤔

As he did 10 years before (and delivered), he explained how @Tesla would eventually come to dominate the world and very few people believed him (as usual...) 😌

In July 2016, the #Gigafactory opened.

This has proved to be one of @Tesla’s huge competitive advantages 😊

The Master Plan Part Deux announced that a Semi Truck was coming, the legendary Jérôme Guillen leading this program

@Tesla unveiled incredible solar tiles and @solarcity merger was massively approved by shareholders ☺️

An island 🏝 in Samoa 🇼🇸 was fitted with solar panels and @Tesla powerpacks to run on 100 % clean energy ☀️⚡️🔋☺️ https://twitter.com/tesla/status/801063758348980225?s=21
The first Model 3 deliveries happen in July 2017 and production hell starts... while all reviews praise the car’s great abilities 😊

@Tesla Semi revealed and crushed almost all expectations

The Clean World Began with the @Tesla Roadster — The Dirty World Ends with the @Tesla Roadster 2


#EV #RoboCars

Autonomy investor day was really informative and showed how far ahead @Tesla is regarding #FullSelfDriving with it’s advanced neural net and huge data collection https://twitter.com/teslastars/status/1123336841208500225?s=21
@Tesla purchased @Maxwell_Tech for a stupidly low price...

I had also forgotten to include Grohmann and Perbix acquisitions 🤨 https://twitter.com/teslastars/status/1129120737434963974?s=21
Soooooo many things happened in those three years, so many great news and remarkable execution by @Tesla that I must have forgotten at least half of them...

But, the key is: as much as I was happy to buy the stock three years ago, I am much more thrilled by the company now 😊
I have seen $50 ups and downs in a day... 📈📉

I’m in for the long term 😊

All this stock market drama is noise compared to the clear signal.

I just wished I could buy more at this absurdly low price 😉
Ok, I couldn’t help it, the price is too good 😀

I looked everywhere and found some cash, so I bought some more $TSLA shares 😉

Now seems appropriate to re-read this great @cleantechnica piece about #ShortSellers 😉⬇️



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