Updated #Democrats 2020 Pres. Primary Candidates & Delegates Map begun mid-Mar. Now 23 candidates. So many candidates from higher pledged del. states is attempt to dilute 1st round majority vote (50%+1), forcing 2nd rnd, bringing Automatic del (not so supers) back into play.
August 2018, @DNC voted (as a concession to #Progressives ) to remove not-so-super automatic delegates, but only for 1st rnd voting. A real reform would have removed them entirely - hence the flood of Dem. candidates - an end run around to concession.
Since the 1982 Hunt Commission creation of not-so-super automatic delegates to prevent #Progressives from being elected, graphic ⬇️ shows how many candidates ran each election vs no. that withdrew before #DNC Convention.
Remaining high pledged delegate states (without declared homeboy candidate to dilute 1st rnd majority vote) 100 or above are Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, & Pennsylvania. See post 10 below about PA and Biden.
1982 Hunt Commission created Automatic delegates (not so "super" delegates, they like elitist view) specifically to keep #Progressives from winning #Democrat Primary. Automatic delegate votes are not democratic, do not represent the people. http://inthesetimes.com/features/superdelegates_bernie_sanders_hillary_clinton.html
There is a war against #Progressives, rules put into place to prevent a Progressive, Of the People, By the People, For the People platform from taking office again. We have to fight that much harder for the #NewDeal, #CivilRights, #EconomicJustice, #SocialJustice we deserve.
Former FBI Dep Asst Dir Terry Turchie (2000-2001) - "When I first got into the FBI (almost 29 yrs) one of missions of the FBI in its counterintelligence efforts was to try to keep PROGRESSIVES and Socialists out of government."
In 60s, activists across US, esp. #Progressive PoC leaders, incl MLK & Malcolm X, both of which were espousing Democratic socialism/socialism in their latter days, were assassinated & murdered setting #EconomicJustice & #SocialJustice mvmt backwards. We can regain revolution.
Biden is from small delegate state, DE (17), but is a native from connecting Pennsylvania, which is a high pledged delegate state - 153. He held his 1st public event there. "Scranton-born Biden signaled heavy PA focus. He will hold rally in Pittsburgh Mon."
Concerning pledged delegates if candidate withdraws after caucus or primary, b4 Convention:
Voting obligation laws vary by State, some become unbound or reallocated.
Summary of delegate binding laws table (2016, not up to date, scroll down for table) https://ballotpedia.org/State_election_law_and_delegates_to_national_conventions
DNC 2020 Delegate rules, pg. 14 Rule 12 J pic ⬇️
DNC's only delegate requirement, "Delegates elected to the national convention pledged to a presidential candidate shall in all GOOD CONSCIENCE reflect the sentiments of those who elected them."


2016 #DemocraticPrimary rigger @DWStweets - "Unpledged delegates (automatic/ superdelegates) exist really to make sure party leaders & elected officials don't have to be in position where they're running against grassroots activists."

In last 3 days, 3 Dems have withdrawn from Dem primary race - Sestak, Bullock & Harris today. Is this an attempt by DNC to focus attention to another #Neoliberal Dem or possibly usher in another? Cause they are certainly not going to throw in the towel against @BernieSanders.
Big #DemocraticParty #Fuckery news are the millions being spent by the billionaires Bloomberg & Steyer on ads: $142M - Bloomberg & $67M - Steyer.

Bloomberg's biggest focus are highest delegate states of CA, TX, FL, then NY.


Thread on @DNC Chair Tom Perez nominations to the 2020 DNC Convention Committees 😱 https://twitter.com/kgosztola/status/1221167638254161920
@NomikiKonst interviewed about @DNC Chair @TomPerez's 2020 DNC Convention Committee List; explaining #DemocraticParty ( @DNC) is a corporation w/ no #transparency & 75% of List are consultants, lobbyist...the monied interests that are influencing @DNC. https://twitter.com/KatQannayahu/status/1222229546830721026
"That is exactly what they want us to believe.
Do not enter that world of despair.
DESPAIR IS NOT AN OPTION!!!" - @BernieSanders

#PresidentBernieSanders #Bernie2020 #NotMeUs #Progressives #DemocraticSocialists🌹 #Socialists #IndependentVoters
29/ @TheNomikiShow

Did @DNC mmbrshp vote how Debates would be conducted? NO
Did DNC mmbrshp vote on spending money on #ShadowApp? NO
Did DNC mmbrshp vote on contracts given out? NO
Did DNC mmbrshp vote on who's going to be on Rules Comm? NO...

Who decided? Chair @TomPerez
On Nevada #DemocraticDebate tonight, candidates were asked should candidate w/ most delegates win (if it is not the 50% + 1 or should the undemocratic @DNC superdelegates rob our #Democracy?

Only #Bernie2020 stood up for Democracy & will of the people. https://twitter.com/BernieSanders/status/1230340483408433152
Only thing that's "over" @HardballChris, is fascist stranglehold over media & minds y'all have had.

We're gaining momentum to take back our #DemocraticParty, America & #Democracy.

The #NotMeUs #Revolution is marching back to the #Left.

💙 Hall of the Mountain King 🎶
" @DNC Exec Committee, which can adopt changes to the convention #SuperDelegate process, contains lobbyists for companies that oppose #Progressive policies like #MedicareForAll & #GreenNewDeal." https://twitter.com/Sludge/status/1233068130777387015
After South Carolina Primary, Steyer and Buttigieg withdrew their campaigns, we currently have 6 Dem candidates still in the race.
After Gabbard qualifies for Dem Debate - #DNCFuckery rule change to eliminate @TulsiGabbard from Dem Debate, to protect Biden from his bad history & failing mental capacity.

@DNC, #WheresOurFuckingDemocracy? https://twitter.com/thehill/status/1236027279131762696
Jack's originating thread on Perkins Coie, incl Clinton, Fusion GPD.

When I looked at PC on the FEC search, I saw they also rep Pelosi, Schumer, Wasserman Schultz and Emily's List. https://twitter.com/jackallisonLOL/status/1238173297558208512
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