oooooh idea

1 like = 1 thing about which I will no longer have opinions if i ever did
food stamps
football head damage
the electoral college
public utilities
subs vs dubs
traps: gay or not
south Park
Joe biden
12. Tesla
13. x risk
14. vim vs emacs
15. islam
16. Georgism
17. pit bulls
18. immigration
19. venezuela
20. e-celebrity divorces
21. philosophy generally
22. Christmas movie status of die hard
23. futarchy
24. @vgr
25. populism
26. Alexstrasia Ocaso Cortez
27. that Ghostbusters remake
28. GWAS
29. gaming journalism
30. gun control
31. carbon taxes
32. ukraine
33. _Friends_
34. Steven universe
35. accelerationism
36. blanchard model
37. trolley problem
38. boomers
39. Bernie Sanders and his wife
40. the great state of Illinois
41. the F-35
42. macbooks
43. brexit
44. taleb
45. adidas vs converse
46. pineapples on pizza
47. teapot dome
48. vaping
49. rationalism
50. Erwin rommel
51. Julian Assange
52. the entire country of Greece
53. nge best girl
54. Chapo trap house
55. avacados
56. VHS vs betamax
57. the value of a humanities degree
58. Russian electoral interference
59. The Sykes–Picot Agreement
60. puerto Rican statehood
61. the color of that dress
62. antinatalism
64. đź‘Ś
65. the Mueller report
66. most likely candidate for the Great Filter
67. the system of German Idealism
68. uggs
69. do blowjobs count as sex
70. effective altruism
71. best Star trek captain
72. judge Lance Ito
74. the question of free will
75. descriptivism vs prescriptivism
76. loot boxes
77. carbs
I need to take a break but I will be back with more this is incredibly liberating and I invite all of you to join me in this purgative Rite
78. bayesianism vs frequentism
79. what exactly constitutes a sandwich
80. furries
81. metric vs imperial system
82. whiteboarding interviews
83. cultural appropriation
84. ayn rand
85. minority representation in media
86. rupi kaur
87. homoousianism
88. global warming
89. IPAs
90. goths
91. Rachel dolezal
92. buffy season seven
93. fraternities
94. marvel vs dc
95. what in fact was the primary cause of the fall of the Roman Empire
96. the axiom of choice
97. lumpers vs splitters
98. the Spanish civil war
99. trans issues in sports
100. posthumous vicarious baptism
101. the continued existence of new York
102. whether its ok to call sparkling wine made in Botswana champagne
103. the new england patriots
104. the office
105. gentrification
106. contacting the sentinilese
107. the moral status of the Crusades
108. Huawei
109. the two state solution
110. skub
111. feminism
112. dress codes
113. the true identity of shakespeare
114. whether pluto is a planet
115. retiarii vs secutores
116. cryptocurrencies
117. japanese imperial succession law
118. aborting fetus hitler
119. vegetarianism
120. juggalos
another break going on a bike ride and pondering all of the worlds countless scissor statements great and small
121. whether antique pedarasty can really be said to have been "gay" in the modern sense
122. UFOs
123. whether the industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race
124. whether Peter abelard kind of had it coming
125. curling
126. the orangutan
127. that one scene in It
128. fox hunting
129. S-corps
130. the federal reserve
131. Who killed Jonbenet ramsey
132. the one electron universe postulate
133. cryogenics
134. xenoestrogens
135. slash fiction
136. yoko ono
137. (im)morality of atomic bombs on japan
138. constitutionality of Marbury v Madison
139. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
140. logical positivism
141. the greens vs the blues
was trying to remember the name of the people who believe that a largest finite number exists and I came across this so um

142. the existence of infinity apparently
143. the existence of witches
144. barefoot running
145. hemispherical combustion
146. Luxembourg
147. meditation
148. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
149: EmDrive
150: selling yourself as a slave for the right price
151: Joe Rogan whoever he is
152. snowball earth
153. cultural origin of baklava
154. Who owns Cyprus anyway
Removal of opinions will continue after work
155. kombucha
156. Dickens' use of coincidence
157. crips vs bloods
158. golf
159. Lena dunham
160. The house of Lords
161. whether whales are best classified as fish
162. the kardashians
163. affirmative action
164. true descendants of the lost tribes of israel
165. grand historical importance of the Battle of Roncevaux Pass
166. whether suicide is a social contagion
167. cannibalism
168. berserker equilibrium
169. aquatic ape hypothesis
170. likelihood that the ark of the covenant is in Axum
171. jesuits
172. quantum computation in brain microtubules
Was going to say something about the Black Pope but I guess he actually exists
173. cilantro
174. The simulation hypothesis
175. bath houses
176. beards
177. egg whites
178. microdosing lsd
179. polygyny
180. Esperanto
181. Black-Sholes model
182. the Ford presidency
183. whether Robert e Lee is deserving of any of his reputations
184. The Free Banking Era
185. galleon construction methods
187. steampunk
189. polyphasic sleep
190. kopi luwak
191. sherpas
192. krav maga
193. waifu pillows
194. the middle class
195. Bukowski
196. white people rapping
197. the Irish border
198. cruciferous vegetables
200. GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux
201. lock nerfs
203. are rts endorsements
204. gender reveal parties
205. Cinco de mayo
206. neocameralism
207. interrobangs
208. Bernie goetz
209. K-pop
210. which way to slice a sandwich if any
211. various national claims on kashmir
212. the opera
213. the broader implications of godels incompleteness theorems
215. fake gamer girls
216. no fault divorce laws
217. blood feuds
218. poutine
220. moral culpability of animals who act like dicks
221. how much russians can be considered the descendants of vikings
222. fraction of the population who can be considered p-zombies
223. whether Greeks could perceive the color blue
224. Simon Bolivar
225. haskell
226. the Ford administration
227. what to do with the last few vials of smallpox floating around government labs
228. cardinal Richelieu's longterm effect on the french monarchy's standing among the great powers of europe
229. drafting dames
230. hiking
231. suburbs
232. findommes
233. gilets jaunes
234. estimates of the population of the precolumbian Americas
235. the skoptsy
236. keto
237. plastic bags
238. the categorical imperative
jesus I listed Gerald Ford twice
Correction: 226. Spiro Agnew
239. concentration camp's
240. air conditioning
241. the Little mermaids Race
242. the politics or even qualia of gunmen
243. the precise legal meaning of currency manipulation
244. best tarot spread
245. democratic primary candidates
246. Whether Oscar Wilde was gay
247. Number of cold wars fought by USA
248. IPAs
249. efficacy of numerology
250. Which fictional character would win in a fight
251. polyphony
252. what ppl should think in early 2020 about whether it was good to kill that quds guy whose name I never really figured out
253. spanx
254. the cyrillic alphabet
255. turban genders
256. complex utilitarianism
257. international law
258. domininc Cumings
259. whether heiroglyphs were an actual writing system or just stonemasons getting bored and doodling
260. which lives if any matter
261. dust jackets
262. that TV show everyone is talking about
263. tucekr carlson
264. whoever the lady with the weird duckeorth name is

wasn't that the boss villain character in mighty ducks

i didnt think it was a real name

quack quack quack mr duckworth
265. best kind of rock (geological,)
266. Whether the guy with a rifle at Kenosha was Good
267. Best Dorito flavor
268. The Mughals
269. bean dad
270. crouton varieties, if more than one exists
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