1/n #SadarPranam to “Ishwara” within you @DalrympleWill ji. Babur’s truth is neither the baby in arms of “William”nor”Sanghis” that it can be tailored per choice. Read 👇🏼 where I quote from “Baburnama” which tramples your rhetoric. You may respond in full capacity. @Sanjay_Dixit https://twitter.com/DalrympleWill/status/1125482695369400322
2/n On Monday the 9th of the first Jumada, we got out of the suburbs of Agra, on our journey (safar) for the Holy War...

Babur writing abt the battle against the Rajput Confederacy led by Maharana Sangram of Mewar. In Babur-Nama, translated by A.S. Beveridge, pp. 547
3/n (Holy-War~Jihad), isn’t it @DalrympleWill ji? Now let me take you further thru “Baburnama”.

“On this occasion I received a secret inspiration and heard an infallible voice say: 'Is not the time yet come unto those who believe...
4/n ... that their hearts should humbly submit to the admonition of God.”

Can you notice word “God(Allah)” William Ji? Doesn’t it cripple your tweet & the source you quote?
5/n Babur also writes:
“...the glorious hour when we had put in the garb of the holy warrior & had encamped with the army of Islam over against the infidels in order to slay them.”

Babur-Nama, translated by A.S. Beveridge, pp. 554
6/n He further writes:
“...thanks can’t be rendered for a benefit than which none is greater in the world & nothing is more blessed,in the world to come,to wit,victory over most powerful infidels & dominion over wealthiest heretics, these are the unbelievers,the wicked.” (PP 560)
7/n @DalrympleWill do you notice the word “Ghazis”?

I’m sure that you needn’t be told what “Ghazi” means.

Let me take you further through “Jihadi” assertions of Babur.
8/n Babur writes:

“... and setting before their eyes the scripture which saith, whosoever striveth to promote the true religion, striveth for the good of his own soul, they acted on the precept to which obedience is due, Fight against infidels and hypocrites...” PP 563
9/n He further writes:
“...the army of Islam was encamped near the village of Kanwa,a dependency of Biana, hard by a hill which was 2kurohs from the enemies of the faith.When those accursed Infidel foes of Muhammad’s religion heard the reverberation of armies of Islam,... contd
10/n ...they arrayed their Ill-starred forces & moved forward with one heart, relying on their mountain like,demon shaped elephants,as had relied the Elephant who went to overthrow the sanctuary of Islam.”
11/n @DalrympleWill what does 8/n-10/n indicate? Doesn’t it talks about “war against non-Islam forces”? What do you think are the Muhammad’s religions army? Wasn’t Babur considering his army to ge that fighting for Islam?

Let me take you further though Baburnama.
12/n Yet again Babur talks of “Ghazis” & “Army of Islam”. PP 564
13/n He further writes:

“The pagan right wing made repeated & desperate attack on the left wing of the army of Islam, falling furiously on the holy warriors, possessors of salvation, but each time was made to turn back or, smitten with the arrows of victory,..”

PP 569
14/n I quote Babur further:

“At the moment when the holy warriors were heedlessly flinging away their lives, they heard a secret voice say, Be not dismayed, neither be grieved, for, if ye believe, ye shall be exalted above the unbelievers, and from the infallible...contd
15/n... Informer heard the joyful words, Assistance is from Allah & a speedy victory! & do thou bear glad tiding to true believers.“ pp 572

@DalrympleWill to whom is Babur referring to as “Holy Warriors”?

Why he uses “Accursed Infidels” if he wasn’t Jihadi warrior?
16/n Babur further writes:

“I wrote the following quatrain:
For Islam's sake, I wandered in the wilds,
Prepared for war with pagans and Hindus,
Resolved myself to meet the martyr's death,
Thanks be to Allah! a ghazi I became.” Pp 574-75
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