I'm going to attempt to create a thread expressing the difference between market and government driven.

I have a Bolt, and a Tesla...
Last winter Liz and I took the bolt to the Adirondacks (she had a role in Escape At Danemora). The trip up took us 12 hours instead of 6 because of the time spent charging.

We slept in a grocery store parking lot.
The total trip was about 700 miles.

The car spent 27 hours charging. One night we spent in a motel, so taking that 7 hours off we spent about 20 hours waiting for the car.

In Malone we had no plan, and got lucky the Chevy dealer had a charger and was a generous soul.
This is what the "fast" network may look like in NY in a year or two:
This is Tesla's current network as of Jan 1, 2019:
We drove the Tesla to Florida in January.

We stopped more to service our needs than we did for the car.

We never waited for the car. It was always ready before we got back to it.
We really like the Bolt, but it's a very limited government compliance car.

It doesn't excite the market.

The Tesla excites the market.

Don't take my word for it, look at sales:
If we are going to decarbonize transportation we need to get to MILLIONS of cars a year, quickly.

For that to happen, people have to BUY them.

Same for decarbonizing homes. We have to have a way to do it that sells, at scale.
If you aren't decarbonizing homes at ALL, please stay out of the way of those of us who are?


If you ARE doing it, please share your process, costs, and results so we can figure out how to scale.

Without a process that scales...
Elon both begged big auto to help, and warned them what was going to happen FOR YEARS!! https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1222597315023654912?s=19
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