I could go on. In fact feel free to add further evidence of the #CarbonTax in Alberta working EXACTLY as designed
#PassiveHouse @SubaruCanada dealership in #RedDeer? This is the #CarbonTax in Alberta working EXACTLY as designed #cdnpoli #abpoli
An advanced new #SolarFarm in southeastern #Alberta? Yet ANOTHER example of the #AlbertaCarbonTax performing EXACTLY as designed #abpoli https://energi.news/canada/feds-invest-in-alberta-advanced-solar-technology/
A full suite of clean technology development programs funded in conjunction with @InnovateCalgary? This is the #AlbertaCarbonTax performing EXACTLY as designed https://twitter.com/SarahNKraus/status/1087762201484509184
A #PeaksToPrairies cross-Alberta EV Charging Station program? COOL. Feels to me like YET ANOTHER example of the #AlbertaCarbonTax performing EXACTLY as designed https://twitter.com/ATCOElectric/status/1092558589879824385
Funding for Alberta's largest emitters to adopt & deploy new critical GHG reduction technologies? Hey, guess what, that's the #AlbertaCarbonTax performing EXACTLY as designed. AGAIN. https://twitter.com/ERAlberta_/status/1093166425227833344
Yeah that's right: 3, count 'em 3 NEW SOLAR POWER PLANTS for Southern Alberta. Guess what friends? That's the #AlbertaCarbonTax working PRECISELY as designed https://twitter.com/660NEWS/status/1096565808946307072
Electric buses coming to #YYC! By now you know, what this is, right? It's the #AlbertaCarbonTax performing EXACTLY as designed https://twitter.com/DruhFarrell/status/1105876135252877318
Edmonton becomes home to the LARGEST FLEET OF ELECTRIC BUSES IN ALL OF CANADA? So, yeah, that's the Alberta #CarbonTax working PRECISELY as designed #abpoli #abvote #ableg https://globalnews.ca/video/5137099/new-electric-buses-on-the-way-to-edmonton
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