POTUS opened the door of all doors.
Expand your thinking.
What is the keystone?
Drop 167

Military Intelligence, No Such Agency = key
POTUS and Patriots = stone"
Drop 271

Adm R/ No Such Agency (W&W) + POTUS/USMIL =
Apply the Keystone.
Paint the picture.
Drop 270
3. Shout out to @Americanlll for his help. If you're not following him you should be! #MemeWar and research master!

So, yesterday's 911 system outage. Downplayed all over the place. Fact is folks, even those that are saying how "significant" of an attack it was, are not...
4. ...telling you the whole story! I just posted that this attack hit TONS of services throughout the ENTIRE United States. Emergency dispatch services, hospitals, prisons, schools, etc. Multiple "victims" in what CenturyLink called a "network element". https://twitter.com/40_head/status/1078875739510923264
5. But, realize just how CONTROLLED this hit was! It caused disruption to emergency services, but the emergency broadcast systems setup by POTUS early in his presidency worked just fine, notifying the majority of citizens of alternate numbers to 911 in case of emergency.
6. Hospitals weren't shut down, they just had to use pen and paper for a little while. Prisons weren't unlocked and gates opened, they just had to use radios instead of the phones. Schools had to have runners go to classrooms instead of using designated call systems. It was safe.
7. That's a MAJOR tell folks. Do you imagine Russia, China, North Korea, or any of the rest of the "enemies" of America the fake news media tries to scare us about would've been that 'reserved' in a hit on the US system? But, it won't retract from eventually blaming them I bet!
8. I posted this thread on ties between HRC, BC, the CFoundation and the Chinese. The DJT wars against Huawei and ZTE spell out MAJOR EXPOSURE of #DeepState money, illegal campaign financing and a Chinese billionaire, James Riady and his LIPPO group. https://twitter.com/40_head/status/1078610531399811077
9. But man this is HUGE! CenturyLink, the group that got hit yesterday causing all of these outages, ARE MAJOR DEEP STATE! Folks, they have contracts for 911 services, hospital communications, prison systems and Dept of Defense (DOD) contracts for dark fiber communications.
10. They're also tied into lottery systems, schools, banking communications and more. Do any of you think that one company, having all that oversight and control is a responsible thing to do? They have a monopoly on the biggest communications systems in this country!
11. But, how exactly did they get all that control? Well, hold onto your sneakers. They have been steadily increasing their footprint and their control over nearly every single internet, phone, and communications provider in the US! They're massive! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CenturyLink#Name_change_to_CenturyLink
12. But, who really controls them? Everybody knows, all decisions come from the top, right? Well...let's look at who OWNS CenturyLink. You're not going to believe this. Number one shareholder with 123+ million shares, worth $2.61 BILLION, is, Temasek holdings. Sound familiar?
13. It didn't strike me right away either until I realized Temasek is basically a shell corporation. It has OWNERSHIP investments in...Alibaba Group Holdings! Any idea who that is? You should! Alibaba Group Holdings was started with money from LIPPO's Riady family and friends.
14. Temasek also has ownership holdings in: CTL = CenturyLink. GILD = Gilead Sciences - a huge pharmaceutical corporation which is rumored to be tied to the tainted HIV medication the CFoundation and BC purchased with the help of Riady. It was sold to Africa and it killed people!
15. CenturyLink is co-controlled by Vanguard who have significant, if not controlling shares, of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Johnson and Johnson, and JP Morgan Chase bank! Are you getting the picture here folks? ALL DEEP STATE COMPANIES! CenturyLink is owned by our enemies!
16. Do you grasp what this means? The major and most vital communications systems in America. THE KESYTONE, is controlled by Deep State corporations!

If you care to look at the stocks, holdings, values, and what not of these companies, check it out here. https://stockzoa.com/ticker/ctl/ 
17. How big is CenturyLink? For 50 years they've bought into and taken over parts of or, all of, tons of communications suppliers in America. A monopoly! Started 50 years ago? That's when GHWB was liaison to China, then became CIA director! Humm...
18. Where did CenturyLink get all its government contracts and just how much do they control? This is where the monopolization gets scary. They're not just controlling American communications anymore. It's going worldwide! Look at this! They're everywhere! http://gsaeis.centurylink.com/asset/gsaeis/redacted/sf26_centurylink_award_gs00q17nsd3002_signed_wcont%20pgs.pdf
20. So, why in the world would they continue to be awarded contracts, move into bigger markets, and overtake more "successful" corporations like Verizon? Well, that's where this "alternative agenda" comes in and suggests the Deep State is doing this for a reason. Look at this!
21. "Alibaba is kicking off its annual Alifest conference in Hangzhou, China next week with a star-studded lineup of speakers to help celebrate its 10th anniversary....Keynote presenters at the SME Summit include President Bill Clinton, founder of the William J. CFoundation..."
22. WHAT THE HELL? Did you get that? I could leave it all right here and you would know I'm telling you the truth! The big dog himself, old slick willy, is partnered with the group that controls the major and critical communication systems of the US! http://www.ecommercebytes.com/cab/abn/y09/m09/i03/s02
23. @Americanlll found that essential and critical link. I told you, if you're not following him, you should be!

There's a LOT of other big names in that line up including the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz. I encourage more research into that if anyone has the time.
26. So what IS the keystone folks? It is our central ability to communicate, unrestricted. What does that sound like? Folks, the Keystone is...the 1st amendment of the Constitution of the United States. It is the KEY that all other rights hinge on. It is our most precious right.
27. Those sons of bitches who control, manipulate, silence and otherwise prohibit our speech literally overtook our ability to communicate. The deep state infected the media which is no longer free speech, it is directed, controlled, and targeted to misinform and disrupt.
28. The #QAnon movement solidifies the backdoor channels to free speech lke what I'm doing right now. I'm doing my damnedest to research, learn, compile, and inform the rest of you. I will be shadow banned again, I will get hundreds of spam emails again. It shouldn't be that way.
29. Our 1st amendment right is the Keystone. The Founders knew it must be protected. Let your voice be known! Stand for what's free and what's right!

God Bless!

#WWG1WGA, #WAWY, #1stAmendment, #Keystone, #LibertyAtAllCosts

- The End
One of the greatest speeches ever made. I'm including the entire video, not just the usual shortened version. At about the 5:18 mark, close your eyes. Listen to the man. Remember the idea of this "Keystone", our 1st amendment right to free speech.
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