It is a view shared by intellectual and socio-political icons such as Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Neil Degrasse Tyson, the Pentagon and the Rockefeller family. /3
The science of Climate Change rests upon a 97% consensus of peer-reviewed scientific papers, representing the efforts of several thousands of climate scientists from 195 countries. /4
“Peer-Review” is a bedrock principle of all modern science and means that these papers are exhaustively examined, poked and prodded by experts from that scientific discipline. 97% is considered an overwhelming consensus within the scientific community /5 
Should we be relying on other sources, as is likely, we would want to be certain those sources are in some way relatable to the esteemed individuals and institutions mentioned above and not laymen, editorialists, conspiracy theorists or Trumpist yahoos /8 
Though there are indeed a very small handful of bonafide scientists that disagree with the consensus view, your first step would be to ensure they are within their area of expertise when commenting. /9
One’s training and area of expertise are just as important in science as they are construction, for example. A structural engineer is no more qualified to stamp a set of electrical drawings than a nuclear physicist is qualified to write a peer-review paper on climate change /10
Which is why none have done so. /11
Those still listening to (or worse yet publishing) the laggards, the useful idiots, the Denialists & the Do-Nothingers will be left behind where the backwards folks belong, fact-free & furious, of no use to anyone but themselves, impotently cursing the sun and wind. /END
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