1 in 3 cars sold in US is a SUV. Cheap gas & hi profit margins trumps all arguments as clever auto engineers are told to focus on oomph (hp) instead of fuel efficiency or lighter cars. "Stop Buying Trucks" h/t @myrrlyn https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-KkdM3KqJIH6r-h58UGzUHEuYDR6vclDB0iOwZjmlKQ/edit http://carboncounter.com/ 
There are now over 200 million SUVs around the world, up from about 35 million in 2010. 1 in 3 cars sold in both the world's largest car markets - US & China - is a SUV. Auto profits trump #ClimateEmergency.
Dismantling Big Auto is as big a #climate challenge as dethroning King Coal. https://twitter.com/DrSimEvans/status/1184075610739609600
Flip the mad global SUV boom. If such rapid phase-in of 165 million fossil vehicles in a decade was possible, a Green boom is too? SUVs show what happens if consumers & 'Natl champion' firms in Factory E Asia/N Europe/N America coordinate in 🌍supplychains https://twitter.com/70sBachchan/status/1146270058165018624
Cars are the largest chunk of global trade & embody globalization. Every manuf power — Factory N America/EU/Asia — has overcapacity issues ie over-invested in ICE. Can't overestimate effect of those stranded assets/lost jobs on pol econ as EV's boom 2020s https://www.pier.or.th/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/seminar2018_TorstenSlok.pdf
What made SUV's surge globally post-Crash? Is it low interest rates for car loans? Big Auto profit margins? Changing consumer preferences & mimicry? perverse fuel emission regulations? If anyone has a clue, please add to this interesting thread. https://twitter.com/70sBachchan/status/1184704343397691392
Aerodynamic drag on a car scales w speed squared. So difference in fuel use bw driving at 60 or 120 km/h=(120/60)^2 ie FOUR FOLD! So imp that when oil becomes political, govts mandate speed limits. US govt in WW2 put it at 35mph; after 1973 crisis at 55mph http://www.withouthotair.com/cA/page_259.shtml
Slow clap for Germany's parliament (& BigAuto lobbies) for rejecting any speed limits on the autobahn. Calling it "paternalistic", "ideological" & "total surveillance". So more fuel consumption, more deaths. Inexplicable. Like US aversion to gun control. https://twitter.com/giulio_mattioli/status/1184801220306898946
"The car wastes more time than it saves and creates more distance than it overcomes." Did Andre Gorz have a time-machine in 1973? http://unevenearth.org/2018/08/the-social-ideology-of-the-motorcar/ https://twitter.com/70sBachchan/status/639901744395386880
Auto industry transformed after 1973 Oil Shock. Crisis (↑ prices ~600%) conc minds of OECD countries to reduce middle east dependency. Enforced Speed limits (fuel use scales with speed^2) & lighter cars. With Transport biggest chunk of CO2, both imp again https://sites.lafayette.edu/egrs352-sp14-cars/performance-and-fuel-economy-trends/
During WW2, "the U.S. Office of Defense Transportation established a national 35 mph "Victory Speed Limit" to conserve gasoline and rubber for the American war effort, from May 1942 to August 1945, when the war ended." @rydriskelltate
Can the Dutch stop engineering Jakarta from sinking into the sea & start advising Germany & Texas how to impose speed limits without igniting rebellion. https://twitter.com/Sustainable2050/status/1194323696812470273
10y of speeding the wrong way. Post-Crash auto bailouts should have been conditional on BigAuto decarbonizing. Instead, Transport became the biggest chunk of emissions in rich countries.While developing countries built roads & urbanized for cars. What now? https://twitter.com/adam_tooze/status/1202965923956756481
Carbon does not motivate action against Cars as much as Congestion & Crashes. Moreover, electrification isn't enough. Need a Cash For Clunkers program. Exciting #GreenNewDeal session at #AGU19 ht @CostaSamaras https://twitter.com/KA_Nicholas/status/1205174904477241345
“I can’t see any of them. That’s shocking,” she said after the fifth child sat in front of her SUV. “That’s super scary,” she added as two more kids joined the line of children. “I still can’t see them.” ht @QAGreenways @schmangee https://www.wthr.com/article/13-investigates-millions-vehicles-have-unexpected-dangerous-front-blind-zone
A HUMMER but EV is Peak USA. #Superbowl
EVs suffer from chicken & egg problem - ppl don't buy them without widespread charging stations & companies don't invest in charging as not enough ppl buy EVs.
Sanders soln: $2 𝙏𝙧𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙞𝙤𝙣 for ppl to trade in fossil cars AND $85B for charging infra
Carmakers face total disruption coz of debt, no buyers & labor strikes. Factories mothballed; cascading closures in supply chain & services. VW could shut its production lines. Bailouts MUST be conditional on decarbonizing unlike missed chance in 2008. https://www.ft.com/content/0560771e-67a7-11ea-800d-da70cff6e4d3
Auto industry sold ~ 70 Million cars last year. How many will be sold during Corona crash? Another set of "stranded assets" made literal as Corona crash acts as dress rehearsal for end of fossil fuels. https://time.com/5830664/cars-cargo-ships/
Something big is happening w Auto Firms coordinating a phaseout of petrol/diesel cars for electric. Major Auto market after mkt— California, China,UK—has banned them by 2030 or 2035.
Whats going on @jonasmeckling @jonasnahm @bentleyballan @giulio_mattioli? https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/09692290.2018.1434810
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