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Rahm’s donors are Trump’s donors; Thiel, Koch agendas seeping into city deals]
2/ Since 2011, the richest man in Illinois has donated almost $1.4 million to the campaigns of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.
3/ Ken Griffin, the billionaire high-frequency trader and founder of Citadel Investment Group, has also given million$ to the Koch brothers, Trump's Inaugural Committee, Paul Ryan, Karl Rove' American Crossroads Super PAC,... https://read.bi/2SBL3Vn 
4/ ...Senator Marco Rubio's 2016 presidential campaign and pro-Jeb Bush super Pac, Right to Rise USA.
5/ The money has gained him access to to not only Emmanuel's office but also the White House.
6/ On the same day last June that former FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate, Griffin and other investors including Rebekah Mercer, Doug DeVos and Todd Ricketts met at the White House with Trump, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence,...
7/ ...White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Trump Advisor Kellyanne Conway to discuss the administration's legislative agenda. https://politi.co/2NUNxiV 
8/ He's also given more than $20 million for various city projects like 50 mini soccer fields in underserved neighborhoods and splitting the 18-mile lakeshore bike path with pedestrians. But his latest may be the most curious.
9/ Two months before meeting with Trump officials, Griffin gave $10 million to the University of Chicago Crime Lab. The lab works closely with the Chicago Police Department (CPD) to analyze the city's daily crime data. https://bit.ly/2CTu7nX 
10/ His donation is being used to expand the use of the "data-driven police deployment strategy, new technology to the mix to improve analytics and design a system to identify when and how to extend officers additional support if needed."
11/ The work is done at Strategic Decision Support Centers (SDSC), which "leverage daily crime data with technology and human intelligence" to track crimes. The centers utilize approximately 30k high-def, govt-operated, closed-circuit cameras in Chicago.
12/ "They can deliver the license plate of every passing vehicle, a photo of every area resident with an arrest record, gang boundaries, 911 reports and more, right to a patrol officer's cellphone." https://nyti.ms/2Jc5o1H 
13/ The centers are in six of the city's most violent police districts with plans to add four more. In each of the six districts, the CPD reports that murders are down 20% and the number of shooting victims down 18% from last year. https://abc7.ws/2QhI9U3 
14/ The police claim their access and ability to gather and analyze the large amounts of citizen's data is a major reason why crime rates have fallen.
15/ They glean actionable insight from the overlay of various public datasets by using, in part, technology created by Palantir Technologies, the big data mining company founded by Peter Thiel in 2003 with seed money from the CIA.
16/ In 2013, the Cook County Sheriff's signed an agreement to pay Palantir $682,000 for a perpetual software license to "operate the Palantir Government software...
17/ ...through the "installation and configuration of Palantir servers" and allow "secure external access" to that server farm for Palantir staff.
18/ The contract states Palantir consultants should provide an "intelligence management solution" to integrate info from at least 14 different databases, including the Jail Management System, evictions and gang lists compiled by state and local police. https://bloom.bg/2HEuqWi 
19/ The collected data is also shared with various federal government agencies and the state and city fusion centers. A nationwide network of fusion centers was established by the Dept. of Homeland Security from 2003–2007. https://bit.ly/2fVUgEV 
20/ They operate as state and major urban area focal points for the "receipt, analysis, gathering, and sharing of threat-related information between federal; state, local, tribal, territorial (SLTT); and private sector partners."
21/ The nearly 80 fusion centers around the country also use Palantir software to distill and analyze collected data.
22/ "The Palantir Gotham intelligence infrastructure provides fusion centers with the technology to respond to threats in real time while simultaneously addressing the complexities of the fusion center data sharing environment.
23/ With Palantir, fusion centers integrate all enterprise data into a single investigational environment for search, discovery, and analysis."
24/ In essence, five years ago the city signed a contract to allow Palantir access to the public's information without the it being properly notified about what, when, where and how the data is being collected and used.
25/ And Griffin, who's backed ultra-conservative agendas for at least a decade, made a deal with Rahm to advance this practice.
26/ Palantir uses the data to create tracking tools like "heat lists" in which local law enforcement attempts to predict what individuals will be involved in a future crime. The criteria police use to determine who makes the list has never been disclosed. https://bit.ly/2JdvRwM 
27/ The concern is also that Palantir will use the public data in more nefarious ways to encroach even further into their lifestyles, personal habits and social acquaintances.
29/ According to Christopher Wylie, a former Cambridge Analytica developer, "Senior Palantir employees" worked on the Facebook profile data that was acquired by Cambridge Analytica and ultimately used to suppress votes in the 2016 presidential election. https://cnb.cx/2E0y9Yu 
30/ A year after Thiel helped start Palantir, he was the first large investor in Facebook with a $500,000 investment. He's been on it's board since 2008.
32/ In 2002, Thiel started his hedge fund Clarium Capital, which operated on the the peak-oil theory, meaning the world was running out of oil and the only alternatives were "more oil or conservation or alternative energy."
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