BJP Supporters have been trying to show BJP as a Hindu party and its survival critical for Hindu Cause. This thread is to explain that BJP has been more secular than even congress. 1/n
Concessional credit through National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation (NMDFC)  9/n
Pradhan Mantri Jan Vikas Karyakram (PMJVK) 10/n
Research/Studies, Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Schemes including Publicity 14/n
BJP accuses of others for appeasement,look at their own leaders
and it continues....

Bhartiya Janmullah Party!
Another feather . 250 Hindu Families will be evicted to make way for a Muslim Graveyard
Maharashtra - Dawood Fernandes Govt - Muslims need not pay tax for properties as Gift
50% Fees reimbursement scheme only for Minority.
BJP is surpassing even UPA in appeasement 🙏🙏🤣🤣🤣
Pre Matric Scholarship
Class I to V
Minority = 100 Rupees / month
OBC = 25 Rupees / month

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Free coaching to Muslim UPSC Aspirants
BJP Govt in Mah increased Muslim allocation by 75%

@ayravata thank you 🙏🙏🙏
Minority youth will be getting loan upto 5 Lakh ₹ for business,informed Hyder Azmi, president state minority commission after discussing with CM. Loan amount of 25 cr already distributed. Upto 300cr ₹ worth benefits to be distributed.

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SO called Nationalist Govt Spent Rs. 4500 Cr Minorities

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Who got diwali crackers banned ?? NO NOT the SC , it just acted on Modi Govt's recommendations

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Hypocrisy of Sangh on Sabarimala

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BJP offers Jerusalem trip to Nagaland voters.

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15% of total PM Awas Yojana (Grameen) fund is allocated to national minorities

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Excellent thread by @trackevangelism on scholarship disparity
Unstoppable Dawood Fernandes it is! Reservations for Muslims

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Looting Hindu Temples while funding secular institutions

Dawood Fernandes is going to great guns
Minority Ministry rolled out 35+ Lakhs Scholarships including 26+ Lakhs for Muslims.... "Haj ka Sath, Church ka Vikas"

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Maulana Modi ji ki Jai Ho
BJP Leaders helping Missionaries
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GoI funds missionaries who spew venom on Hindus and their Gods

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Wonderful! Loot temples and dole out Tax concessions to Mullahs.

"BJP is a Hindu Party" is bigger scam than even 2G
Beef export has seen surge under BJP regime

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“Hindu Party” might have banned beef but not beef export . Hypocrisy ki maa ki aankh 😬
Hindu govt destroying temples in varanasi in the name of development.

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While BJP closes Hindus schools via RTE by not reimbursing due, RSS is opening more n more madrassas

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Rayta wing favorite and Potential PM candidate.

Dawood Fernandes
Now that 2019 elections are over, expect Maulana Modi is going full retard!
Its NDA 3 and Maulana Modi Version 2.0

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Islamic Republic of India . Thank you Hindu Hriday Samrat

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Another Muslim specific Sscheme!
Some Brilliant insights by @mnshzz and @pranasutra 🙏
Awesome Statistics by @DataReveals 🙏🙏
The Next Hindu Hriday Samrat after Maulana Modi
via @DataReveals thank you!
Uttarakhand's (Hindu) BJP govt takes over Temples

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The ideology which runs the BJP is rather confused explains @pAnchAlexpress 🙏
Few more Modiji gems in this thready by @wittycatty
Old thread but still relevant today.

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While the poor Hindu is struggling to afford food every day. MP Govt priority is to meet Imams and provide all they need during Ramzan.

pic via @Parashar108
BJP's state committee has become a missionary. Might replace Project Joshua or world vision soon.

Hindus running for their lives in BJP Rules stated. Alarming thread by @RajBainsla 🙏
nation is devastated by Covid, two states devastated by Cyclone , Govt doesnt hav money and borrowing money from World bank. This is the first thing they down after lockdown.... #Priorities
From Horse's Mouth.....

Bhartiya Jamati Party.........
It is Yogiji's turn to become secular. There goes out last hope. Hindus you are on your own.
Hindus now get ready to pay Jajiya!
Open More Urdu school and Close down Sanskrit ones!

Hindus escaped 10 years Chornia Rule but cant escape from Maulanaji's
Bonding between Government of India lead by Hindu Hriday Samrat and Islamic Organization Zakat Foundation.

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67 Lakh from Minority received scholarships worth Rs 2200 Crores from "Hindu" Govt. Hindus deserve it for electing Islamists to power
@narendramodi and @myogiadityanath out to finish unfinished agenda of Aurangzeb. Today its Diwali , tomorrow it will be Holi
Bias and Anti-Hindu implementation of Scholarship scheme.

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