RAJ YOG=meditation
HATHYOG=psychophysical technique
#InternationalYogaDay #InternationalYogaDay2018
From Post Vedic Sutrakara-Patanjali to @narendramodi
Journey of YOGA👇🏻
Speech at🌍Parliament of Religions
"Sisters and brothers of America,"
& audience was on its feet giving a standing ovation,
love affair with🇮🇳was born!
#SwamyVivekananda introduced Yoga postures in 1890
1920, #SwamiYoganandParamhans addressed a conference of religious liberals in Boston & spread message of KRIYA YOG to the West
Autobiography of a Yogi,1946 remains a spiritual classic that has reformed the life of millions🙏🏻
#InternationalYogaDay #InternationalDayofYoga2018
#RamanaMaharshi ‘s shishya Richard Hittleman,returned from🇮🇳in 1950 to NY,
Sold millions of copies of his YOGA📚 Pioneered yoga on📺 in 61
with emphasis on its physical benifits hoping to motivate ppl into philosophy & meditation
#InternationalYogaDay2018 #InternationalYogaDay
In 1960
‘The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga’ of Swami Vishnudevananda,
disciple of #SwamiSivanandaSaraswati,
became an essential guide for YOGA practitioners
He founded Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers,1 of the largest networks of YOGA schools in the🌍headquartered in Montreal
#SwamiBhaktivedantaPrabhupada became an influential communicator of school of Vaishnavite Hinduism to the West
He founded #ISKCON in 1966 emerging as a major figure of the Western counterculture🙏🏻
#InternationalYogaDay #InternationalDayofYoga2018
An unassuming-looking yogi from Himalayas #MaharishiMaheshYogi through #TM #Yoga took America with a storm in early '60s to spiritually regenerate millions of practitioners through more than 1200 centers across 108 countries🙏🏻
#InternationalYogaDay #InternationalDayofYoga2018
Published in the🇺🇸 in 1966, #BKSIyengar ‘s ‘Light on Yoga’
is still considered to be the #Bible of #Yoga
Nearly every Western Yoga teacher, without even knowing it,
has been influenced by his emphasis on anatomical precision!
#InternationalYogaDay #InternationalDayofYoga2018
In 1966 #SwamiSatchidananda #SwamiSivananda ‘s disciple founded #IntegralYogaInstitute & Yogaville in🇺🇸Spiritual Guru to major Hollywood actors & musicians,in 1986 he opened the ‘Light of Truth Universal Shrine LOTUS
#InternationalDayofYoga #InternationalDayofYoga2018
1970, #SwamiRama amazed researchers testing him
‘Control his Autonomic Nervous System functions; heartbeat,pulse,skin temperature at Menninger Foundation
Founded Himalayan Institute of #Yoga Science & Philosophy headquartered
in Honesdale,Pennsylvania
Harvard professor Richard Alpert left on pilgrimage to🇮🇳 in late '60s returned as #RamDass with guru #NeemKaroliBaba
Pied piper for 🇺🇸youth
toured colleges in 70
📚’Be Here Now’
established Spiritual Quest as ‘Lifestyle’ for new generation of seekers
Mauni/ Silent Yogi mauni #BabaHariDass born 26 March 1923 in Almora, Uttarakhand visited 🇺🇸in 1971
taught Principles of #Yoga to thousands
built Mount Madonna Center, Salt Spring Center, Sri Ram Ashram with his devotees.
#InternationalYogaDay #InternationalDayofYoga2018
2003,glued to Aastha TV,were numbers growing gradually
of common people-billions in🇮🇳
millions around🌍
@yogrishiramdev created large scale awareness of #Yoga #FitnessMotivation from cities to villages,from huts to Mansions🙏🏻
#InternationalYogaDay #InternationalDayofYoga2018
@narendramodi Proposed #InternationYogaDay at UNGA
on 27 September 2014
Resolution presented on Dec 11-2014 was supported & co-sponsored by 177 nations
#PMModi suggested 21 June,since
#AdiYogi Shiva begun imparting Knowledge of #Yoga to mankind in beginning of Dakshinayan🙏🏻
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