MoCo isn't getting its fair share of #COVID19 vaccines from MD according to @tomhucker and @albornoz_gabe. They want to know why the most populous places in MD-MoCo, PG and Balt City- are not getting as many #COVID19 vaccines/capita as other jurisdictions with fewer people.
"It's not clear yet what the distribution is based on and how we go about getting a more equitable distribution," said MoCo HHS Dir. Dr. Raymond Crowel on distribution of #COVID19 vaccine from MD.
@riccimike could you please shed some light on how MD decides on allocations of vaccine for each county?
. @riccimike says the vaccines are allocated equally per capita to jurisdictions among all providers. He says the county’s health department gets some, but hospitals, pharmacies etc get their own separate allocations.
. @riccimike says, "What the council members continue to do is portray their health department's #s as the county's only allocations. When we know that this is not so. The hospital systems in the county get their own allocations, pharmacies, and so forth.
..."So long as they continue to do that, they are misleading county residents."
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