In 5-10 years, something will happen to the bitcoin network that dwarfs the ethereum DAO fork (hey #Bitcoin maxis). The community is going to have to decide if it will disown Satoshi, literally. An impending fork to support quantum encryption hardened keys will require everyone
to move UTXOs to the new standard. What happens to Satoshi’s monster stash of 1M+ BTC? Either those addresses are no longer honored, or the first quantum decryption to crack the private key takes their loot. I’m pretty sure we’re going to see a soft-hard fork double whammy.
A forcing function to check their pulse. The whole community goes nuts, then you hear a chant “The King is Dead” ...followed by “Long live umm...” and awkward silence for a microsecond before the twitter typewriters go full cacophony on the next cycle. What a day that will be.
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