2. Is it a mere coincidence that big global brands like Rihanna, Malala and Greta, who do not tweet even a line out of whim, are doing it against India?
3. Can Rihanna or Greta explain what exactly they have against India’s new farm laws? https://www.firstpost.com/india/in-rihanna-greta-malalas-anti-india-symphony-who-is-the-invisible-conductor-9266191.html https://twitter.com/dravsriv/status/1356816876328771584
4. Is there a concerted global effort to destabilise India from outside, since chances of Congress or Opposition’s electoral victory against Modi seem highly remote if not impossible?

5. Who gains from destabilising India?

https://www.firstpost.com/india/in-rihanna-greta-malalas-anti-india-symphony-who-is-the-invisible-conductor-9266191.html https://twitter.com/dravsriv/status/1356817164217376772
6. How big power is it that can spend thousands of crores on anti-CAA&so-called farmers’ protests?

7. What kind of power or network can activate big global names again&again?
https://www.firstpost.com/india/in-rihanna-greta-malalas-anti-india-symphony-who-is-the-invisible-conductor-9266191.html https://twitter.com/dravsriv/status/1356817526114586624
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