For everyone talking about the #NMBC that thinks Google is making their money from news content and somehow ripping of journalists:

Google. Doesn’t. Make. Their. Money. From. News. Content.

Google makes money from YOU.
They make money from selling your data and attention to advertisers.

Advertisers pick who they want to show ads to—based on your data from browsing the web.

Advertisers pay Google for clicks on their ads (and in some formats, views).
This is how Google makes most of their revenue in Australia (along with paid services like Photos, Drive, Google for Business).

Search Ads, Display Ads, Shopping Ads, YouTube Ads. They’re the big money makers.
Do you know who makes money when someone clicks on a news headline in a Google search page?

They either have a paywall they profit from, or advertising their websites they profit from.

Google *makes* money for the media companies by sending them traffic.

Just the same as Google makes me money when someone clicks on a link to my website, and becomes my customer.
Additionally, media outlets have the ability to restrict Google’s access to their content if they don’t want it to show in Google News or Search pages.

(Getting it to show in either spot actually takes active effort from the media company btw.)
So can we please stop with the “Google is a thief” rhetoric?

It’s utter nonsense that #MurdochGutterMedia & Mates what you to believe.

They significantly profit from having their content in Google. But they want more control and more money. It’s as simple as that.
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