Finding info on agents is hard if you have no whisper network, so absolutely take ppl up on offers to find out more via DM.

Meanwhile, if you're not selected for Pitch Wars or AMM/don't have experienced writers to ask abt agents, this account will do its best to be specific 1/?
(obviously the writers offering this help have to think of their careers & can't publicly say most of this).

But this acct is anon for a reason. So to start:

Mark Gottlieb (Trident agency) is a predatory agent and should not be queried. Stay away from the entire agency.

Marisa Corvisiero & her agency should also be avoided at all costs. Corv has a history of repping serial abusers (like James Dashner), treating her agents poorly, hiring/promoting people to agent who have little/no experience, treating authors poorly, etc.

The Rights Factory is a schmagency. Stay away from them and their agents. They rarely sell books (& even more rarely to the Big 5*)& their contracts are predatory

*obvs the Big 5 isn't what everyone wants, but TRF isnt up front that their connections to the big 5 are miniscule
Additionally, Emmy Nordstrom Higdon (an agent who started at TRF and is now at WCA) is an agent to approach with caution. they signed 30+ new writers in the first 6 wks of their career, which is a massive red flag (usually new agents take 2-3 on at first).
cont: Emmy seems like they mean well but are not able to serve all of their clients, and seems to have a poor understanding of how publishing works. Unfortunately good intentions =/= good sales, so maybe stay away.
Weronika Janczuk (formerly of D4EO) is someone to stay away from. She abruptly fired several clients, at one point pretended to have signed with Janklow & Nesbitt (though that never happened), pretended to have had a 7 figure deal for her own book, and then founded...(cont)
...and then founded her own lit agency. Stay away from this one no matter what.
D4EO isn't one of the red flag agencies, but it's definitely on the yellow flag list. While some agents there seem like well-intentioned and caring people, unfortunately the agency itself is not well-connected.

New agents have access to very little mentorship...(cont)
....very little mentorship from sr. agents, & they have little to no international connections or film connections. This one isn't a "stay away at all costs" agency, but it is important to go in knowing the limitations of what this agency will be able to do for you.
(This list is in no particular order btw - just as agents come to mind)
Another agency to stay away from: Metamorphosis Lit. They promote interns to agents within a few months, despite absolutely no experience & zero connections.

Also, concerningly, many of their authors are promoted to "agent"/there's a great deal of overlap btwn authors & agents
okay that's all for now - be back to add more in a bit. feel free to DM if you have questions!
Ginger Clark info:
I RT'd this thread earlier but it's about the dcu and Kate Foster from Storm who headed it up
There are some names that can't be added to the public thread - for the most part, this thread is ppl who have already been publicly named. Compiling them bc if you missed the day twitter talked about them, and you're a new writer with no network, you might not know.
Many names can't be named publicly because the source would be too easily identifiable & it would endanger their career, but DMs are open for this reason.
Another one to stay away from is Dawn at Red Sofa. This one was very public this summer, but:
The former owners of Foundry are also scammers who have not paid their authors:
Someone DM'd me this tweet tonight:

Colleen Oefelein (an associate agent at JDLit) posted about joining Parler, "a great platform with no censorship" back in November.
Update on Collen Oefelein:

Apparently she's also on Gab, a social network known for its far-right user base.
Adding this screenshot in case she deletes the tweet:
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