I've been trying to be more eco conscious, with it being #BlackFriday I've put together a thread of my fav eco friendly Christmas present ideas. These could be for a person who wants to be more enviro friendly, or even just alternatives to other gifts! #SmallBusinessSaturday ♻️🎁
1. Christmas is messy, so let's start off with some cleaning options:

#Coraball £29 @rainbow_brands - helps reduce microfibres going into oceans. It’s easy to use, just chuck in the laundry & let it do it’s thing! After a while, you'll see lint build up https://www.rainbowbrands.co.uk/cora-ball 
2. #GuppyFriend wash bag - similar to the CoraBall, the Guppy Friend helps reduce microplastic pollution from washing. After a while you can peel out a ball of fibres and discard it in the recycling. From £25. You can buy them in the UK from @ethicalstore https://www.ethicalsuperstore.com/products/guppyfriend/guppyfriend-washing-bag/
3. @OceanSaverDrops - £1.50 - 15. Ocean savers plastic free eco-drop cleaning products. Great way to introduce a chemical alternative in a stocking stuffer! I've got the kitchen spray and I use it and fill up one of my favourite recent purchases ... 🧽 https://www.ocean-saver.com/ 
5. #SmolProducts - laundry pods, fabric conditioner, cleaning sprays & dishwasher tabs. 100% plastic free biodegradable packaging, and lower levels of chemicals, delivered straight to your door! 🧺

Use this link for 50% off your 1st order: http://smol.refr.cc/oliviamcdonald 
7. @im_OHNE organic cotton CBD infused tampons/pads subscription. Delivered straight to your mailbox in discreet, almost 100% biodegradable packaging! £4.30 - £5.90.
Get 50% off your first box with my referral code: REF38QVMH9SK6 https://ohne.com/  (ps. they also make 🍫)
8. Organic cotton reusable tissues £5+ from @Etsy. I bought these at the start of OG lockdown during the Great Toilet Roll shortage. I was terrified I’d use my TP reserve blowing my nose, so got these and haven’t looked back! Great for travel, dries fast and easy to wash. 👃
9. Organic cotton reusable cotton pads for makeup removal £6.50 - £7.50 from @Etsy - same as the tissues, you can wash these once a week in a small bag and use over and over again! 👁️💄
10. @KeepCup , a B Corp company. Great for the office (home or F2F), or when you just want to take your hot coffee on your daily walks ☕️🍵. Starting from £10, my glass takeaway cup never leaves my side!
Ps. They currently have a #StarWars collection!!

11. Products from @WeEarthLondon - this site allows you to choose gifts by value (i.e. UK Made, Vegan, plastic free, social impact etc). They have everything from jewellery and homewares to Christmas and fashion. All deliveries are carbon neutral. 📦♻️

12. @English_Shaving Company, based in Sheffield - I got their stainless steel safety razors 2 yrs ago and swear by it! Perfect for men or women. After the initial investment, so much cheaper than plastic! Razors start from £19, blade refills £0.85p 🪒 https://www.theenglishshavingcompany.com/ 
16. Gift wrapping: Each year, 227,000 miles of wrapping paper is thrown away, most unable to be recycled. Try wrapping gifts in brown packing paper & twine. Get rubber stamps to add some decoration, or consider adding foliage to make it stand out! I got mine from @eBay_UK 🎁🌿
This is my list for now, but I'll try to keep adding to it.

What are your fav eco friendly gift ideas? What have I missed? Reply in the comments with links to your fav #ShopSmall brands or #ecofriendly gift ideas! ♻️🎁🎄🎅
19. #EdgeOfEmber jewellery - carbon neutral deliveries/ returns with sustainable packaging, conscious diamonds & a jewellery recycling programme! I'm in.

Their once/year sale is on now take a look and snag sold gold/silver and diamonds for 25% off 💍💎 https://edgeofember.com/ 
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