1/ Homeowners can get guaranteed high returns through energy savings projects (thread)

I've done many of them myself and now have ridiculously low energy bills, which PERMANENTLY lowers a fixed-cost

Here are 15 ideas

2/ Install LED lightbulbs everywhere

A few hundred dollars cover the whole house

Easy and ROI well over 100%
3/ Programmable thermostat

ROI 25% to 100%+ depending on how advanced you go
4/ Seal door/window/basement/attic air leaks w/ caulk or Great Stuff

ROI 50%+
5/ Water-saving faucet/showerhead

ROI 50%+ depending on model
6/ Insulate water heater

ROI 100%+
7/ Weatherstrip windows/doors

ROI 33%+
8/ Tune-up heating/cooling equipment

ROI 33%+, plus extends the life of the unit
9/ Extra ceiling insulation

ROI 20%+
10/ Extra floor insulation

ROI 20%+
11/ Storm door/windows

ROI 10%+
12/ Upgrade heating/cooling system

ROI 5%+
13/ Add wall insulation

ROI 8%+
14/ Window/door replacement

ROI 3%+
15/ Solar panels

ROI 8%+
16/ Lots of utilities offer rebates/incentives of projects, which can massively increase the ROI

Check on your utilities' website for current promotions
17/ Hire an energy auditor

Some utilities cover them for free

Otherwise, it's just a few hundred dollars

Well worth the cost, especially if you home is 10+ years old
18/ Did I miss anything?
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