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The DELIAN Project: Democracy through Technology
Commitment by DELIAN Project
Seems convientent, Right?
In 2014, Dominion Voting committed to providing emerging and post-conflict democracies w/ access to voting tech through its philanthropic support to the DELIAN Project, as many emerging democracies suffer from post-electoral violence due to delayed publication of election results
Over the next three years, Dominion Voting will support election technology pilots with donated Automated Voting Machines (AVM), providing an improved electoral process, and therefore safer elections.
As a large number of election staff are women, there will be an emphasis on training women, who will be the first to benefit from the skills transfer training and use of AVMs.
It is estimated that 100 women will directly benefit from election technology skills training per pilot election.

[Clinton Foundation, Commitment to Action, Summary]
Dominion Voting, through its philanthropic support to the DELIAN Project, commits to supporting 1 to 5 local election technology pilots w/ donated Automated Voting Machines (AVM) in emerging and post-conflict democracies every 12 to 18 months over the next three years.
This includes the donation of AVMs, localized poll worker training, as well as electoral skill transfer programs for various Election Management Bodies for whom financial resources are scarce.
1 AVM can service on average 1,000 voters, and the initial electoral jurisdictions to be approached would number 50-250,000 registered voters in order to maximize impact with the donated resources available.
The election technology being offer under the DELIAN Project are paper based, optical scan tabulators, manufactured and donated by Dominion Voting (ICP-322). Roughly the size of a small FAX machine, these AVMs sit atop a traditional ballot box during a live election.
The voting experience does not change dramatically using this form of technology: A voter marks a paper ballot, the paper ballot is then fed into the AVM (which records an image of the ballot and the results), and then the paper ballot then falls into the ballot box.
At the close of polls, the various AVMs rapidly tabulate the votes cast, allowing for accurate and timely election results. Additionally, if a physical hand count is required, the original paper ballots are still available to auditors in the traditional ballot boxes.
The AVMs being donated to DELIAN have been used in several large jurisdictions such as Canada, the United States, the Philippines, and Mongolia.
A key trigger for post electoral violence in several emerging democracies is often the extended period of time it takes to release results (often days to weeks). In the 2007 Presidential Elections in Kenya, it took five days before the official results were released.
By this time, the opposition parties had conducted internal reviews and a protracted influence campaign in order to declare their leader the winner.
When the actual accredited results were released under UN supervision indicating the incumbent had won, wide spread violence erupted over allegations of fraud despite the fact the international community had declared the process legitimate.
The end result of this violence was over 1,500 deaths, as well as 250,000 displaced persons. The use of an auto-vote tabulation machine could have provided 'accurate results' w/in hours, thus alleviating the days of confusion driven by lack of info. [Clinton Foundation, claims]
The 2008 elections in Mongolia were followed by mass rioting and multiple deaths as a result of the delayed release of election results. Following a National level deployment of AVMs, the 2012 elections were violence free, w/ 80% of results known w/in hours of the close of polls.
Election technology "improves" the electoral process by providing 'accurate and timely' results following the close of polls, eliminating the need for lengthy recounts while greatly 'reducing opportunities for voter fraud'.
[The Clinton Foundation, cites]

What if it was gamed?
Partnership Opportunities

The DELIAN Project is seeking regional partners to assist in the facilitation and sponsorship of donated election technology pilot projects in emerging and post-conflict democracies.
The DELIAN Project offers access to new and innovative election systems, expertise, and the ability to implement positive change in the democratic process through the application of technology.
John A. Poulos is the Canadian who owns Dominion Software He is also a Clinton Foundation donor. Fancy that!
According to a Clinton Foundation Donors search on the New York Times website of all places it seems a good number of the Poulos family has donated to the Clinton Foundation.

Perhaps the donations were for the express purpose of Money laundering?
John A. Poulos et al. Jean, Marguerite, Spiro and Mary - of ~5000 odd Clinton Foundation Donors pages, the Poulos family is on page 2882.

Why such small amounts? Were small repeated donations intended to fly under the radar? It's on pg 2882 after all.
The Hellenic Heritage Foundation (HHF) a national charitable non-profit org est. in Toronto was founded in 1996 by a group of Hellenic professional business people, w/ a mission to preserve and advance Hellenic education, culture and heritage in Canada 
A member of Imagine Canada, the Hellenic Heritage Foundation has grown to become a 'highly respected' and professionally managed Foundation, earning a reputation for supporting organizations that encourage and provide higher education in Hellenic studies

Notice the Spiral motif?
The Delian League, founded in 478 BC, was an assoc. of Greek city-states, w/ the number of members numbering between 150 and 330 under the leadership of Athens, whose purpose was to fight the Persian Empire after the Greek victory in the Battle of Plataea.

How ominous?!
At the end of the Second Persian invasion of Greece, The League's modern name derives from its official meeting place, the island of Delos, where congresses were held in the temple and where the treasury stood until, in a symbolic gesture, Pericles moved it to Athens in 454 BC.
Shortly after its inception, Athens began to use the League's funds for its own purposes. This led to conflict between Athens and the less powerful members of the League.
By 431 BC, the Leagues threat to Spartan hegemony combined with Athens's heavy-handed control of the Delian League prompted the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War; the League was dissolved upon the war's conclusion in 404 BC under the direction of Lysander, the Spartan commander.

The first member of the league to attempt to secede was the island of Naxos in c. 471 BC.[31] After being defeated, Naxos is believed (based on similar, later revolts) to have been forced to tear down its walls along with losing its fleet and vote in the League.

In 465 BC, Athens founded the colony of Amphipolis on the Strymon river. Thasos, a member of the League, saw her interests in the mines of Mt. Pangaion threatened and defected from the League to Persia.
She [Thasos] called to Sparta for assistance but was denied, as Sparta was facing the largest helot revolution in its history.
After more than two years of siege, Thasos surrendered to the Athenian leader Aristides and was forced back into the league. As a result, the fortification walls of Thasos were torn down, and they had to pay yearly tribute and fines.
Additionally, their land, naval ships, and the mines of Thasos were confiscated by Athens. The siege of Thasos marks the transformation of the Delian league from an alliance into, in the words of Thucydides, a hegemony.
The massive Athens re-building project of the city, begun by Pericles and which included the Parthenon, was partially funded by the League treasury.

Athenian Silver Tetradrachm, 479-454 BCE. Owl and olive branch. (Alpha Bank Numismatics)
An Owl? 
The election software system in Michigan that switched 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden is called "Dominion."
Used in 30 states including:


Every single major swing state. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.
Dominion Voting is owned by Staple Street Capital as of July 2018; Dominion's board includes current and former executives of Staple Street
Staple Street Capital co-founders are also the Board members of Dominion Voting: Stephen D. Owens and Hootan Yaghoobzadeh.
Former Operating Partner Benjamin Humphreys also serves on the Board. [no longer listed on the website] 
Stephen D. Owens:

Managing Director, US Buyouts at The Carlyle Group (1998 - 2009)
Investment Banking, Lehman Brothers (1993 - 1996)
Studied at Harvard and Emory University
Owens also serves or has served on the board of directors of a number of companies, including:

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation (NYSE: SIX)
Precise Metal Products
Ivy Technologies
Dominion Voting Systems → HQ'd in Canada
Mid-States Supply
Owens serves or has served on the board of directors of the following companies. [contd.]:

Ironline Compression → HQ'd in Canada
Aaroma Holdings
Dunkin’ Brands
Piedmont Hawthorne Holdings
Jon L. Luther is Linked directly to the Carlyle Group via Dunkin' Brands. Seemingly educated assumption to suggest Jon became connected w/ Stephen D. Owens during their former years at the CG. Also, Jon is on the board at Six Flags.
William E. Kennard went to Yale AND Stanford. He was the Managing Director at the Carlyle Group, US Ambassador to the European Union [no wonder, it didn't work out!😝] and Chairman at the Federal Communications Commission.

His resume just shouts ELITE [ Gov., Corp, Ivy League]
Hootan Yaghoobzadeh:

Private Equity, Cerberus Capital Management (2003-2009)
Private Equity, US Buyouts, The Carlyle Group (2002-2003) (1998-2000)
Investment Banking, Merchant Banking, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette (1996-1998)

Studied at Harvard, Cornell, and Oxford
Bush Connections to the Carlyle Group

Today, the Saudi Binladen Group is a multi-$billion construction and holding empire with operations all over the world. Among close business connections are Bush and Carlyle, Inc., Cheney and Halliburton, Inc. etc 
Looks like the Bush's got paid when the rest of the United States took a serious hit on Sept. 11. Millions if not Billions of dollars changed hands in a series of wire transfers from the Carlyle Group and the Shafig BinLadin Group.
The atrocity of the attack on the Twin Towers is made worse by its being perpetrated from within — by a secret group of traitors who may be American-born but who care nothing for American pride since it was used just a means toward control of the planet. 
Carlyle Group: Anatomy Of A Scam

Sir George Herbert Walker Bush, Director of CIA (1976-‘77) under Ford; Vice-President (1981-‘89) under Reagan; and President (1989 - ‘93), acts as a broker and also senior advisor.
Carlyle, described as a massive global private equity merchant bank, has long been a covert operation concerning itself with raising money from mega wealthy individuals to invest in companies, which it purchases for a fraction of what they are worth.
Tying it back into The Clinton Foundation.

How $37 Million from the Clinton Foundation Disappeared in Baltimore

A grant went to the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund, but the group had an office address in Washington, D.C. What happened to the cash?
Here’s a question for which Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, special counsel Robert Mueller, and former FBI Director James Comey may well know the answer to — but aren’t likely to want to talk about in public, under oath:
Why did the Clinton Foundation send a $37 million grant for the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund in 2010 to a Baltimore post office box when the CBHF told federal tax authorities that its only office that year was in Washington, D.C.?

President Bill Clinton had the power to ensure that no prosecutions might move forward in the DOJ against the William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation, an entity that still has never bothered to file a mandatory federal income tax return for 10/23/97-10/31/97
Despite evidence in the public domain of defective filings made under oath, across state lines, using the mails, Clinton likely felt secure that gov. officials, even in states controlled by Republicans, would never bring solicitation fraud prosecutions against nascent “charity.”
Then, as it became clear that former Republican Texas Gov. George W. Bush would be inaugurated as his successor in the Oval Office, Clinton and others took steps to ensure that allies would occupy key roles inside the IRS, DOJ and elsewhere in the federal Establishment.
Enter Rosenstein, Mueller and Comey. According to his official biography, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein “from 2001 to 2005 … served as Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Tax Division of the U.S. Department of Justice.
He supervised the division’s criminal sections and coordinated the tax enforcement activities of the Tax Division, the U.S. attorney’s offices and the Internal Revenue Service.”
Vault records confirm the FBI and DOJ attorneys conducted investigations, empaneled grand juries, and issued subpoenas, yet they were unable to bring indictments or gain convictions against the many individuals and entities linked to the Clinton charity [Haiti].
The Clinton charity, which clearly engaged in a raft of frauds, across state lines, and in numerous nations.
FBI records, heavily redacted even now, clearly show former FBI Director James Comey played “leadership” roles in epic failures and that Comey’s predecessor as FBI chief, Robert Mueller, was aware of the ineffective efforts after he assumed his duties in September 2001.
To see how badly Rosenstein, Mueller and Comey flubbed the Clinton Foundation “investigation,” visit the organization’s website and try to find audits for 1998 through 2004. You will not find them there, but you will find noncompliant accounting work product for 2000 through 2004
William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation, Inc

Independent Accountant's Report and Financial Statements
(Modified Cash Basis)

December 31, 2004 and 2003 Audit 037826
William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation, Inc.

Independent Accountants' Report and Financial Statements
(Modified Cash Basis)

December 31, 2003 and 2002 Audit 037826
William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation, Inc.

Independent Accountant's Report and Financial Statements
(Modified Cash Basis)

December 31, 2002 and 2001 Audit 037826
You will never notice charity fraud when you refuse to look at key evidence including fake audits that ineffectively mask the brazen theft of at least $64 million.
Recent years that matter: 2009 forward. The Clinton Foundation filed an amended federal tax return for 2010 on Nov. 16, 2015. The largest single expense declared for 2010 is a grant of more than $37 million to the CBHF at a post office box in Baltimore, MD
This recent declaration on pg.36 of the amended return is boldly incorrect. Sworn declarations made using the U.S. mails across state lines to New York and Minnesota declared that the only office and mailing address that CBHF had during the year in question was in Washington, D.C
So why was the $37 million sent to a Baltimore post office address? Who retrieved the check from the P.O. box? What happened to the $37 million thereafter?
Moreover, it is mathematically impossible to reconcile declarations made in these key states to regulators that are public records with federal tax filings for CBHF. Here’s why: In total, CBHF declared nearly $49 million in grants and contributions for the entire year 2010.
6/29/10 Anita Bhatt, the fund’s chief financial officer, declared: “The [CBHF] did not receive its 501(c)(3) status until April 2010, the Clinton Foundation and the Communities Foundation of Texas solicited funds on behalf of CBHF at the request of former President G. W. Bush.”
In a filing received July 21, 2010, Anita Bhatt declared that contributions and grants through May 31, 2010, totaled $34.1 million, reiterated that she was in charge of CBHF funds and repeated that CBHF had only one office in Washington, D.C.
This means that if the Clinton Foundation sent more than $37 million to a Baltimore address, it must have done so after May 31, 2010, which would mean that CBHF collected more than $71 million during a year when it ultimately declared just under $49 million in total revenues.
How much money did the Clinton Foundation actually receive during 2010, while soliciting to help poor Haitians after their devastating earthquake? Where did the money for Haiti by Clinton, Bush, and associates actually go? 2010 was an election year, w/ much at stake for Democrats
We certainly will never know the answer to that question if we must rely on Rosenstein, Mueller and Comey, who, it must be remembered, were failing to catch obvious frauds during those early years.
And one more thing: The same accounting firm — BKD LLP — that rendered opinions to the Clinton Foundation during its early years continued as its auditor during and after 2010.

Conflict of Interest?
Back to State Street Capital, Dominion & TCG

Benjamin Humphreys

Senior Operating Executive, Monomoy Capital Partners (Sep 2019-Present)
Operating Partner, State Street Capital (Jun 2018-Jul 2019)
CFO, Canary ( ), (May 2017-Jun 2018)
Benjamin Humphreys

Managing Director, COO - Global Marketing & Communications (Jan '15 - May '17)

Managing Director, Global Head of Business Finance, BlackRock (Sep '12 - Jan '15)

Managing Director, Global Head of Finance for Corporate Business Operations (Apr '12 - Sep '12)
BlackRock is the world’s biggest asset manager, handling $7.4 trillion in customer assets. It’s twice as profitable as Goldman. It’s got offices in 30 countries and clients in a hundred.
The company’s Aladdin risk-management system, an industry-standard software tool that monitors trading, watches over another $20 trillion in assets for 200 other financial firms, as well as the Federal Reserve and European central banks.
This makes BlackRock part money manager, part institutional investor, part software platform, and part government partner. It’s a pioneer in junk bonds, and has often been referred to as the world’s largest shadow bank.
The Fed doesn’t have to announce its purchases right away, so BlackRock trades positions before the purchases become public. BR and its individual traders benefit massively and legally from insider knowledge of what’s been by far the most robust and efficient bailout component.
Of course, BlackRock has been angling for a government takeover for a while. CEO Larry Fink famously “built a shadow government” of former agency officials as part of an influence initiative to become Hillary Clinton’s Treasury Secretary during her 2016 campaign;
but that effort was for naught when Hillary lost. Fink then pivoted and became part of the main private-sector advisory organization to Donald Trump, but that, too, was quickly disbanded.
Benjamin Humphreys [contd.]

Managing Director and Partner, Cerberus Capital Management (Mar 2011 - Apr 2012)
SVP and Director of Financial Reporting and Strategic Analysis, Cerberus Capital Management (Apr 2009 - Mar 2011)
Benjamin Humphreys

VP and Lead Finance Executive, Cerberus Capital Management (Jun 2006 - Apr 2009)
Private Equity Portfolio Risk Analyst, Cerberus Capital Management (Oct 2005 - May 2006)
Studied at Colby College in Government, East Asian Studies and Kansai Gaidai University
During Humphreys’ time at BlackRock he also served on a variety of global governance committees, including as Co-Chair of the Sourcing and Vendor Management Governance Council, a member of the Global Controls Committee, a member of the Americas Executive Committee.
Benjamin Humphreys was also a member BlackRocks Global Financial Crime Committee, and as a member of both the Finance and Global Marketing & Communications Executive Committees.
You can follow @BenjaminABock.
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