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Durva is a special type of sacred grass.Depending on different regions, durva is called by different names as "Durve" , "Garike"...etc.
The word Durva is derived from the words
--"duhu" &"avam"

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No puja is ever deemed complete without offering durva to god( especially adi poojita ganesha).
Use of durva grass in Hindu rituals began in Vedic times.
Story behind "Durva".. ??

The Rig Veda and the Atharvana Veda mention the Durva grass.
In Bhavishya Purana, Durva is appeared from Lord Vishnu’s hands & thighs as he bolstered "Mandara parvata" during the "Samudra Manthana".
For ganesha, this is the story.. 👇

A demon Analasur, who terrified the three worlds by emitting fire from his eyes then troubled everyone.
After all Devas request, Lord Ganesha fought with Analasur, finally swallowed him. After that
The heat from Analsur caused agony to Ganesha
Lord Indra gave Ganesha the moon to wear on his forehead so that he could be cooled off (this is why Ganesha is also known as Balachandra).
Lord Vishnu gave his lotus therefore Ganesha is also known as “Padmapani”.
Lord Eshwara removed a cobra from his neck and tied it to Ganesha’s hip.
Varuna deva, Rain God showered plenty of water, however nothing worked and Ganesha continued to suffer the heat.
Finally, 80k+ sages performed archana to Ganesha with 21 Durva grass each and by this way he was cured.
Ganesha said - “whoever with devotion offer me Durva would be pious and get Punya.” so
On Ganesh Chaturti, puja is performed to Ganesha with the Durva. (Also daily).
The faith is, use of odd numbers (min.of 21) of the grass further promotes the entry of the divine energy into the idol.
The durva grass should have three or five leaflets to Ganesha.
They are called as durvankur.
The middle leaflet of durvankur attracts the principle of primal Ganesha, then
the other two leaflets attract the primal Shiva and primal Shakti principles.
Sita is said to have placed the sacred grass b/w herself & Ravana during period of her confinement in Lanka. she warned him never to cross it.
If he did, his head would burst into a thousands,she told him.This makes the grass the Sita-rekha that prevents from ravana.
Importance of Durva in daily life..?

Durva is a hardy plant & therefore, is a great survivor; its roots go deep in search of water. It is quite difficult to pull out the grass completely from the soil. So it prevents soil erosion.
*Durva is popular as "Herbal medicine"
It helps in detoxification of the body and used both as an external and internal medicine.(Juice, kashaya, syrup) like the roots, stems, leaves, and flowers.
*Ayurvedic Medicine

Durva is useful to keep diabetes under control.

It also helps in enhancing the body’s immune functions and helps in controlling urinary problems too.

Durva grass paste is useful to cure skin related problems.

Durva grass can improve digestion as well.
* To cure mouth ulcers, keep its crushed leaves in the mouth for few minutes.

This grass acts as mouth freshener and also provides strength to the jaws.
*This grass is also known as Bermuda grass and a few animals like rabbit, goat, boars, etc. like eating its semi-hard white roots as energy food.
In Vastu Shastra, Durva grass is used to ward off many defects.

It is presence at the main entrance of the house enhances positivity.
This is how a single grass in our land is special, and we hindus devoted to all the species in the world.
May god blees all of u.. 🥰🙏🏻
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