I’m a huge believer of remote-first

It surprises people to hear I’m not against flexibility — come to the office when you want, work remotely when you want

I just don’t think it’s realistic

The more time a company spends in an office the less competitive they will be
The reason’s is simple:
talent and efficiency

1. Talent

Office = best person in 30-mile radius
Remote = best person in the world
Remote leads to far more diversity

2. Efficiency

Office = $22k / worker / year
Remote = $2k / worker / year
Remote saves $20m / 1,000 workers
It’s not that I don’t believe in flexibility
But it’ll make companies uncompetive

Giving workers the choice where they want to work is the best possible outcome

I don’t think they will get the choice
Companies will offer remote
Then go increasingly remote

They know remote work works

They will leverage it to build more resilient organizations

Remote work lets them do that
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