Thread - Vaidic Theory of Universe (Simple Version) - New Research from VEDAS
Today in modern science we have mainly 2 theory of universe
1. Steady State Theory
2. Big Bang Theory
B.B is believed to be most widely accepted theory of universe but Vedas have a Superior theory.
There are many big blunder mistake in big bang that scientists avoid and present hooked and crooked solution to prove Big Bang , but vedas talks about something beyond the reach of modern science and contain a Unified Theory of universe - The Actual Theory of Everything
This is called Vaidic Rashmi Theory of Universe which is given by an Vaidic Scientist Acharya Agnivrat naishthik, who invested his 10 years research on Vedas and came out with a theory which can solve the serious question that scientists are struggling with.
This Theory was presented by acharya agnivrat in BHU varanasi Scientific conference , where he not only presented his own theory but also questioned most widely accepted theory of Big Bang , No scientist answered his questions. He claims his theory can solve Mysteries of Universe
So let us start and understand What is Vaidic Rashmi Theory ? How it explains the origin and evolution of universe from the very beginning. We will understand it in the light of Vedas and Vaidic Shastras , with reference of Mahadev Shiva , Bramha and many ancient rishis.
Let me start the picture from the very beginning . let me first invoke Mahadev Shiva:
नित्यमेकमणु व्यापि क्रियाहीनमहेतुकम | अग्राह्यमिन्द्रियै: सर्वैरेतदव्यक्त लक्षणम ||
अव्यक्तं प्रकृतिर्मूलं प्रधानं योनिरव्ययम | अव्यक्तस्यैव नामानि शब्दैः पर्यायवाचकेः ||
- महाभारत
before explaining above shlok let me also invoke Maharshi Bramha:
तमो व्यक्तं शिवं धाम रजो योनिः सनातनः | प्रकृतिर्विकारः प्रलयः प्रधानं प्रभवाप्ययौ
अनुद्रिक्तमनूनंवाप्यकम्पमचलं ध्रुवम | सदसच्चैव तत सर्वमव्यक्तं त्रिगुणं स्मृतम | ज्ञेयानि नामधेयानी नरैरध्यातमचिन्तकै - महाभारत
The essence of above shloka talks about initial state of universe. Initially the whole universe was spreaded into infinite vacuum space in its own fundamental form called prakriti - name of the fundamental state of matter. Bcoz it's the state in which matter exist naturally
Initially it was in complete darkness, no light, no force, inactive state of time, no motion, matter pervades whole infinite space become 1 with it. No fluctuation in that infinite pervading material. homogeneous everywhere. zero mass , zero energy. infinitely cold
Such was the initial state of matter , for detail understanding of above sloka read my thread: explained it in details.
All the basic properties of matter goes in sleeping mode initially, so it cannot be gauged anyhow , either with senses or technology
let me invoke Maharshi Manu
आसीदिदं तमोभूतमप्रज्ञातमलक्षणम | अप्रतर्क्यमविज्ञेय प्रसुप्तमिव सर्वतः |
The wole natural state of matter is in such a state that it cannot be sensed anyhow, that is why is it called अव्यक्त.
because its all properties goes in sleeping mode
Finally initial state -
1. Volume of material - infinite
2. Mass of material - zero
3. Coldness - infinite
4. Zero density
5. Zero Motion
6. Zero force , No force exist.
7. Its completely fulfills the entire infinite space.
8. its neither particle nor wave & not a string.
We can also take an example of sleeping kids.
when kids are sleeping one cannot predict difference behavior of kids but wen they wake up, we find some being naughty , some lazy. the same way all properties of fundamental matter goes in sleeping mode
Rig-10.88.2 & 10.126.3reflect same as above :
The matter initially feels like nothingness but something exist which cannot be sensed. Now just imagine all above properties , you are at zero second of the starting film of universe. let us forward the movie. how universe forms ?
Now think can universe naturally create itself in such a state ? only a conscious entity can disturb this state , can wake up this prakriti or fundamental natural state of matter. Accepting god is not illogical , we arrived on this conclusion of god logically not forcefully.
omnipresent god who resides in the prakriti itself , activates the Kaal , Kaal activates sleeping properties of matter . due to which matter changes its forms. First wave like very subtle rashmi appears called om rashmi, this om rashmi is an active form of kaal.
rasmies are vibrating entities , this om rashmi is subtlest rashmi, which govern the whole universe. this rashmi completely activate prakriti due to which prakriti changes into different forms as given in below picture.
सत्व रजस्तमसा साम्यवस्थाम प्रकृति प्रकर्तेन महान महतो अहंकारः अहंकारात पंच तन्मात्राणयुभयमिन्द्रिय तन्मात्रभ्येस्थूल भूतानि पुरुषः इंतिपंचविंशर्तिगणः Step by step creation in vedic rashmi theory

Steps of creation of universe as per vedas.
Let us first understand how this continuous change occurs in prakriti ? below is a video example of chain reaction. apply a very little force and chain reaction happens. see from 40 second chain reaction
One may ask that all block further fell down by gravity in above example , so it is not just the little force but gravity is also the reason behind chain reaction. So in our theory god is also everywhere so the chain reaction simultaneously work everywhere.
In this way universe comes into existence changing its form in different different form , to understand take an example of reverse time lapse of rotten apple. how it change the shape from a rotten one to ripen one. Universe emerges out from it initial rotten state to a ripen one.
After millions of years universe changes from a vibrating form to a dual nature form , and after from dual nature form to particle formation. Universe transit into different forms
As per manusmriti and other shastras - The sequence of creation of panchamahabhut in universe is - Aakash - vaayu - agni - jal - prithvi
first remember - Akaash is not vacuum or zero or nothing
vaayu is not air
agni is not fire
jal is not water and
prithvi is not solid state
Real forms of PanchMahabut :
Aakash - Space (which gets curved , which responsible for gravity)
Vaayu - cause of different fields
agni - photon, charge, em waves, elementary particles
jal - atoms and their ionic state
prithvi - atoms and molecules
So this is how universe comes in a particle form , after that gravity play its game , and various nebula , galaxies , star and planets forms.
You may have heard
पृथ्वी से पहले सत नहीं था
असत भी नहीं था
अंतरिक्ष भी नहीं था
a simple translation of Nasdiy Sukta of Vedas , this is noting but te initial state tat we already discussed earlier.
Now think and understand the meaning by remembering previous properties.
छुपा था क्या ?
कहाँ किसने ढका था ?
किसी को नहीं है ,
नहीं है पता ?
Why ? because the properties were in sleeping mode , that is why said किसी को नहीं है , नहीं है पता ?
That is why महर्षि वशिष्ट called प्रकृति as Avidhya.
Means it existed but still Avyakt(cannot be known)
its called avidhya means विध्यमान होते हुए भी अविद्यमान जैसी थी means it was like nothingness in the beginning but there was something rather than nothing. The Whole universe came out of this prakriti.
Our movie Start from 0:00 But Also ends on 0:00 😎 The universe born out of prakriti , it will also dissolve into the prakriti , this cycle is eternal,infinite. So our movie is eternal. 😎
Our current universe which is made up of atoms. These atoms are made up of electron and nucleous , nucleous contains neutron and proton. if we further divide the matter we will reach to a stage which is only vibrations Buddha studied vedas and said सब कुछ प्रकम्पन ही प्रकम्पन है
Ancient rishis see all this in their samadhi state, our body also have Manas Tatva(मन) through which we can understand universe in samadhi state by making our MAN being one with the Manastatva of universe. The vibration above are nothing but mantras of vedas.
The universe is all vibration , and the vibration that most subtle are mantras of Vedas and varnas. that is why Maharshi Dayanand says: शब्द सर्वत्र आकाश में भरे है these vibration pervades whole space in their para , pashyanti form. which are very subtle forms.
This theory is described in 2800 page long book Ved Vigyan Alok, which is a scientific transaltion of Aitrey Bramhan of Rigvedas where whole universe is described. It makes you understand how the whole universe works. It solve all mysteries of forces , dark energy space etc
This Theory solves all these mysteries:
1. Dark Energy (Asur Urja)
2. Dark Matter (Asur Padarth)
3. How all Force works ?
4. what is 4 times faster than light ?
5. what are 9 fundamental force of universe

This theory can completely change modern science.
If Govt. support this theory it can reestablish the pride of Vedas and can make India vishvaguru again.
Reference - VedVigyan Alok by Agnivrat Naishthik @vaidicphysics , Mahabharat, Manusmriti, ramayan. swami dayanand.
I will add some FAQs too it will be updated time to time.
1. Why it is said Mass and energy both zero ? Isn't it violation of mass and energy conservation ?
2.Why initial state has infinite coldness , we cannot go beyond 0 Kelvin , how it can be infinitely cold ?
1. First of all what is mass ? It is not completely known in modern physics , yet ved slighly agree on the explanation that higs field gives mass. As per vedas there is a field , whose interaction with objects produce mass.Initially there were no such field hence no mass.
As per scientists if a particle having 0 energy and 0 mass , it doesn't exist at all. Here it is more correct to think that such matter with 0 energy and 0 mass should go in sleeping mode instead of not existing.
Feynman agrees that today we have no knowledge of what energy is ?
As per vedas energy is more subtle concept. I will discuss it in future. But for now let me also prove that both mass and energy also gets conserved in this theory.
Vedas says: यथा पूर्वमकल्पयत दिवं च पृथ्वी it means in every kalp after pralay universe is always same as previous
Hence if you compare new universe with a previous one , its mass and energy will also be same. So mass and energy conservation doesn't violate here.

Ans: 2 here infinite coldness refers to absolute zero itself , not beyond zero , as if you go toward 0 Kelvin
Its like an infinite journey to achieve 0 Kelvin , there are infinite numbers between 1 and 0 , if you towards zero it is likely an infinite journey. This is why it is said infinite coldness. In graphical representation the curve of temp going down towards zero will never touch
The line. So this is said to be infinite coldness. However it also doesn't mean that universe needs infinite time to achieve the pralay state of prakriti again. No.
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