Bill Clinton had an affair with Ghislaine Maxwell. Hunters become the HUNTED.
'Lolita Express' air hostess, Chauntae Davies says she helped Bill Clinton pick out a bracelet for his daughter Chelsea during a Jeffrey Epstein-funded jaunt to Africa, she was raped by the millionaire pedophile.
Huge: Q drops Bill Clinton with Rachel Chandler. Rachel Chandler, photographer procured underage girls for Epstein.Bill Clinton with #GhislaineMaxwell. Pic of five young women, including accuser Davies on #EpsteinIsland. Ray Chandler=Allison Mack x 100.
Big: Q drops of list of people on the Epstein Flight logs. Rachel Chandler had the Epstein Island security pic on her Instagram. Prince Andrew is Deeply Connected to Rachel Chandler. R. Chandler w/ Patrick Demarchelier who was Princess Diana's photographer
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