This is the exact issue that will likely find Google facing DOJ scrutiny.
I did a thread about it last month.... [I hope DOJ action happens soon, but won't hold my breath]
It's worth also noting that NBC asked Google to target their competition. From the article:

..."Google blocked The Federalist from its advertising platform after the NBC News Verification Unit brought the project to its attention."...
It's also nice to see Google admitting this publicly:

..."Google added that it takes into account all of the content on a website **including comments** to determine if a policy violation has occurred. "...

[**highlight mine]
I discovered this years ago; and no-one would believe.... but it's true. Google will target and demonetize a website based on the comment section within the website.

This is the way Google targets speech for forced censorship.
Think about it in the BIG picture.

Think about a business that is targeted financially simply due to the customers they serve. Google puts themselves in the position of telling a business who they can and cannot have as customers.

Think about it.
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