I will tell story how ganga ji came to Earth[THREAD]
Ganga mata is elder daughter of mount himavat who can purify anything touched by her.
Now long ago life on eath was becoming Impossible for good people demons(asuras and rakshas) used to Destroy crops (1/n)
Kill babes , Destroy sacrifice etc At last people decided to hide in caves they (demons) used to hide in ocean and came out to Destroy things in night .They found that they are in caves .
Meanwhile in Heaven Lord Indra wanted to protect good people on earth they (2/n)
They went to param pita brahma for help brahma advised to ask lord Vishnu for help so devas with Indra went to vishnu for help they told vishnu ji told them that they hide in ocean bed and you have dry the ocean to kill them and only agastya have power to drink whole ocean (3/n)
agastya rishi was ready to help
They reach ocean agastya drink up ocean and devas kill the demons
After that they asked agastya to fill up the ocean again with water you drink agastya said I can't Because he digested it NOW HERE BEGINS WHY GANGA JI WAS NEEDED ON EARTH. (4/n)
They went to brahma for help brahma said ocean will fill up in long time but long time passed and nothing happend they went to Vishnu ji again he said maharaj sagar and his descendants will help ocean to be filled mean while sagara along with his two wives were doing 5/n
To please Lord Shiva Shiva appeared before them and grant them boons(vardan) Lord shiva said
That one of your wife will have 60000 sons who will die without any child but your race will continue with other son who will borne from your another wife (6/n)
King sagara distributed many things to poors days passed and sons grew 60000 were proud and were loved by citizens but queen keshis son asmanja's son was wicked who sed drwoned innocent children after riot by citizens king sagar banished asmanja from kingdom(7/n)
But Asmanja son was good and loved by citizens once king sagar was performing ashwamedha sacrifice lord indra stole the sacrificial horse and took it to nether world(patal)
King order his 60000 sons to search for horse they search everywhere on earth but didn't find it (8/n)
They went to patal lok for searching they reach sage kapila ashram where they saw horse they insulted sage by calling him thief angry sage burnd them to ASHES with his power king understand this when he remember shiva' s words so he order amsuman to search for horse (9/n)
He went to sage he asked him where his uncle are sage told him everything naturally he stated crying sage try to show him sympathy but amsuman said "they will suffer in hell is there any way for them to enter heaven"
Sage told him there is only one way if maa ganga (10/n)
Will touch their ashes they will go to heaven after that he allowed him to take horse back he take back horse when he told sagar about all he decided to retire making amsuman king but after few years he decided to give his kingdom to dilip his son and go to (11/n)
Himalaya for prayer to bring ganga but he failed dilip decided that he will bring ganga but even he faild dilipa gave this work to bringing ganga to bhagirath and bhagirath decided he will not ascend throne until he will bring ganga(12/n)
For years in forest he performed meditation pleased brahma appeard before him Bhagirath asked lord brahma to bring ganga to earth but he said only shiva can do that so he performed worship of lord shiva for year and pleased by him shiva appeared before him(13/n)
Shiva said he will do that(bring ganga to earth and control her force when she will fall on eath) In heaven ganga was ready to come to eath she directly fall in head of lord Shiva
She was unable to escape and it became her prison (actually ganga wanted to swipe lord shiva 14/n
So shiva was angry but bhagirath worship shiva again to let ganga flow so he allowed it ganga became more pure but getting with shiv so lead by bhagirath ganga was moving where bhagirath planned for her flow on the way she saw some sage going somewhere
She asked bhagiratha about he told they going to the sacrifice of sage jahnu she said she will flow that bhagirath said ok but be careful don't Destroy sacrifice but ganga rushed and sacrifice fire was destroyed the sage was furious amd consumed her in one gulp
Orher Sages request to release her and he did that and ganga became more pure with contact of sage
Since than ganga is also known as "Jahnavi" daughter of jahnu and finally they reach the place which was once ocean ganga flowed over of 60000 sons of sagar and
They went to heaven and will stay there until ganga will flow on earth since than "samudra" is also known as "sagar" and ganga got name "bhagirathi daughter of bhagirath coz he bring her to earth bhagirath came back to kingdom and rule for many years [ THREAD END]
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