Demand for a personalized health and fitness bundle is growing.

And there are a few companies to watch:

• Apple tackling health & fitness
• Future going beyond personal training
• Whoop helping you understand your body
• CureFit vertically integrating health
Consumers want to manage health on their own terms, including:

• exercise
• nutrition
• sleep & recovery
• mental health

Increasingly, fitness is becoming the front door to personalized healthcare.
Apple Fit could become a health & fitness bundle.

Apple’s new app is rumored to be launching this fall with fitness content and guidance via Apple Watch.
For Apple, a hardware company at heart, free fitness content might help sell more devices.

But following its integration playbook, and efforts to grow services revenue, Apple Fit could become a personalized health & fitness bundle.
The potential for Apple Fit beyond content aligns w/Tim Cook’s broader ambition:

Apple’s “greatest contribution to mankind” will be about health — about “democratizing” healthcare and empowering the “individual to manage their health”.
Apple Fit aside, whether it’s WHOOP, Future, CureFit, or an unnamed challenger, the point stands:

Disrupting fitness is a path to transforming healthcare.
Zooming out: @brettbivens captures the evolution of the space here:
Expanding on the topic, @nbashaw wrote about Apple’s health strategy: build the operating system for healthcare.

“Long story short: they're aggregating data from connected devices & integrating it with med records to create a 10x better UX.” 
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